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Keymode Description:
This section will describe the use of the Macro’s within the Interpreter.
| Function| Purpose|
|insert|Create a new object|
|extrude|Extrude the object by a specified value|
|surface|Flatten the surface of the object|
|bevel|Create an isosurface that is beveled|
|smooth|Smooth the surface of the object|
|cut,cut,cut,cut,cut|Create a section of the object and extrude the edges of the shape|
|circle|Draw a circle|
|ellipse|Draw an ellipse|
|box|Draw a box|
|cross|Draw a cross|
|sphere|Draw a sphere|
|cylinder|Draw a cylinder|
|cone|Draw a cone|
|triangle|Draw a triangle|
|wedge|Draw a wedge|
|triangle_axis|Draw a triangle with the triangle axis|
|box_axis|Draw a box with an axis|
|triangle_axis_tria|Draw a triangle with the axis and the triangle center|
|wedge_axis|Draw a wedge with an axis|
|bevel_axis|Draw a bevel with an axis|
|circle_axis|Draw a circle with an axis|
|cube|Draw a cube|
|sphere_axis|Draw a sphere with an axis|
|cylinder_axis|Draw a cylinder with an axis|
|cone_axis|Draw a cone with an axis|
|box_x|Draw a box with a corner on the x-axis|
|box_y|Draw a box with a corner on the y-axis|
|box_z|Draw a box with a corner on the z-axis|
|box_axis|Draw a box with an axis|
|box_contour|Draw a box with a contour|
|box_solid|Draw a box with a contour and the interior solid|
|box_half_contour|Draw a box with half of a contour|
|box_contour_tria|Draw a contour and a box with the axis|
|box 70238732e0

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* Provides a great interface for entering most of the parameters of a chart.
* Allows for the automation of a variety of parameters with the click of a button.
* Quickly and easily creates new bar, line, pie, sparkline or scatter charts.
* Allows for the automation of the following parameters:
* Chart Type: Bar, Line, Pie, Sparkline, Scatter
* Chart Size: width, height, resolution
* Data Selection: X Values, Y Values, Other
* Axis Selection: Type, Name, Unit, Color, Value
* Customize Legend: Series, Title, Label
* Legend Position: Above, Below, Left, Right, Fill, None
* Charts Formatting: Border, Fill Color, Line Color, Fill Style, Line Style
* Chart Export: JPEG, PNG, PDF, Excel
* Chart Printing: JPEG, PNG, PDF
* Chart Sorting:
o X Values
o Y Values
* Works with Excel 2010 (Mac) and newer.
We’re like them, we don’t care what you
think about us.
Chart Tamer is provided “AS IS” and we don’t guarantee its compatibility with
any other product.Here’s a Personalized Womens Funny Valentine

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Here’s a Personalized Womens Funny Valentine

Personalized Women’s Funny Valentine Calendar

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Product Description

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If else logic doesn’t work in dplyr

I have a dataset that have an ID variable that has repetitive IDs. What I want is to look for the first record that has a value of 1 (shown in red below), but I don’t want to look further if that first record does not have a value of 1. So I have the following code.



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