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This is a program that can be used to macro the keyboard commands available in Window’s 10. It allows you to easily copy and paste special characters and special keys with just a few simple keyboard commands. Currently I’ve created custom keystrokes for copy, paste, and highlight as well as the window lock/unlock commands.
In order to use KEYMACRO simply install the program and load it. Once loaded you simply press the keyboard shortcut key you want to use. You will see a screen appear showing the keystroke you pressed and the keystroke description.
KEYMACRO’s Features:
– Supports the following keystrokes: Ctrl + Shift + U, Ctrl + U, Shift + U, Shift + Alt + F4, Ctrl + Alt + F4
– Allows you to have a different keystroke for the menu and the taskbar
– Supports keymappings on both the left and right sides of the keyboard
– Can be used to copy and paste to another location
– Allows you to lock and unlock the window as well as maximize and minimize it
– Supports highlight
– Supports the standard Windows 8 window lock and unlock commands, Ctrl + L, Ctrl + U, Ctrl + I, Alt + F4, Alt + F4, Ctrl + Alt + L, Ctrl + Alt + U, Ctrl + Alt + I, Alt + F4
– Allows you to quickly turn the on/off microphone with a single keyboard command
– Allows you to quickly change the volume control on the taskbar with a single keyboard command
– Allows you to quickly switch between HDMI and DisplayPort
– Allows you to quickly navigate through different windows with just a few keyboard commands
– Allows you to quickly duplicate any window
– Allows you to quickly split your display to have two different windows
– Allows you to quickly change the size of any window
– Allows you to quickly switch the theme of any window
– Allows you to quickly enable/disable the taskbar with a single keyboard command
– Supports the standard Windows 10 scrolling in the «Run» and «File Explorer» menus
– Allows you to quickly switch between the taskbar and the button bar
– Allows you to quickly disable the desktop
– Allows you to quickly switch to another virtual desktop
– Allows you to quickly drag a window to the edge of the screen
– Allows you to quickly drag a window to the top/bottom of the screen
– Allows you to quickly drag a window to the right/left 70238732e0

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Calaym is a media player that boasts a clean design and simple controls. It can be set to play a specific playlist, saving time by skipping the boring part of the…

Fri, 04 Jul 2013 08:24:33 +0000tag:twinsoft.com,2009:blog//56e8f4f86f9d4490e89d62a7f8e72a3c.html#782085KeyMacro is a tool that is designed to help you change keyboard shortcuts. It offers the possibility to set new ones as well as to edit existing ones. You can also use the application to quickly launch programs.
First things first
By using KeyMacro you’ll be able to quickly access the settings dialog where you can change the shortcuts’ commands. To begin with, you need to select the program in the Main Window to be able to customize it.
Basic customizations
In the Options dialog box you can easily change the application’s display, as well as the options available on the keyboard. The interface is easy to use, requiring you to drag and drop keyboard shortcuts for each program.
The first menu offers different keyboard options. These include a…

Fri, 04 Jul 2013 08:23:11 +0000tag:twinsoft.com,2009:blog//b16a6d8b642847ed8c51ac5d109215db.html#768913
Wakemate is a manufacturer of tablets that offers a diverse range of models.
The company currently has its products in the hands of consumers in both Europe and the United States. The total number of consumers that use Wakemate devices is considerable. Moreover, there is an interesting fact related to the company. Wakemate was not born, but was rather born due to the merger between two existing manufacturers of smart devices.
Over the years Wakemate had managed to carve out a niche for itself in the…



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