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Air Messenger Serial, like most other products with similar functionality on the market, also features the option to send email pages through either a proxy or directly to the SMTP server. This functionality is a must for mobile network administrators and an invaluable part of its service to deliver pages and messages to end-users.
Air Messenger Serial makes this incredibly easy by taking over all of the hard work by defining a server, port and valid credentials.
This is one of the keys to making Air Messenger Serial successful, because you can manage the task of paging your users in a very simple way.
Air Messenger Serial allows users to forward their emails, which provides extra control over email distribution to your users. Instead of having to define a proxy, you can simply configure it.
Additionally, it is possible to define the password used for SMTP authentication in a secure manner. This is an excellent choice because you can work with a secure connection instead of exposing your users’ passwords.
It is also possible to export your records to a file which can be uploaded to your FTP, and also archived to create a backup of your data. This feature is an essential part of Air Messenger Serial, because if your network administrators have to access your records they will want to have them.
Furthermore, Air Messenger Serial allows you to define the number of pages that will be sent to each subscriber. If a subscriber has 10 000 pages, he will get ten.
Air Messenger Serial also lets you define the number of messages to be sent per second, so that you have more control over the distribution of pages to your subscribers.
Air Messenger Serial allows you to export your records to a file, which can be uploaded to your FTP, and also archived to create a backup of your data.
The users will no longer have to be paged manually, but their email will be delivered straight from the database.
Air Messenger Serial also includes a system of groups that can be assigned to end-users in order to distribute these pages in a way that makes sense for your business.
The integration of the system with your existing TAP/IXO server is straightforward and easy to configure.
Air Messenger Serial can also be used as a replacement to TAP/IXO, especially for customers that have an existing TAP/IXO server on their network. This tool will let your customers benefit from the full range of features that the AMTAP/IXO tool has to offer, without having to re-install their TAP/IXO server.
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To secure communication over networks, it is usual to use encryption techniques. While some encryption algorithms provide security against ‘classic’ attackers, it can be seen that they are not perfect. The most advanced attackers (i.e. people with complete control of a target machine) may often succeed in breaching the encryption. In this case the target machine uses the same key for all connections, which may be guessed (e.g. by choosing a secure password). To solve this, the target machine may employ a key-management system: one of several keys (or key pairs) may be kept secret while other public keys may be used to encrypt data. Another problem may arise if the public key of an attacker is known. This may allow the attacker to eavesdrop on messages. This key-management problem may be solved by using asymmetric cryptography. If the keys of one party are known, they may be used to encrypt a message such that only the recipient can decrypt the message. In fact, the two parties may both use the same key to encrypt and decrypt a message, which ensures integrity, i.e. it guarantees that the message has not been changed during transit. When the same key is used both for encryption and for decryption, the two parties may be called symmetric cryptosystems.
Symmetric cryptosystems are’very good’ and may be built using most programming languages. However, symmetric keys (e.g. passwords) must be kept secret and this may be a very cumbersome task. Therefore, asymmetric cryptosystems have been developed in which two keys are used: a public key and a private key. The public key may be published in several public places (e.g. the Internet) whereas the private key may only be known to the corresponding owner. The encryption process involves applying the owner’s private key to the message and then using the owner’s public key to decrypt the message. By sending a ‘public key’ for the recipient, the owner of the public key allows anyone to encrypt a message, provided that the recipient’s public key is known. Therefore, in order to decrypt the message, the recipient must have his private key. Since the private key must be kept secret, it may be impossible to publish the private key. Therefore, a’signature’ is created using a third key, the’signature key’, and applied to a message. This signature may be checked using the public key of the owner of the public key used to encrypt the message.


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