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The Seizure Diary is an interactive tool that helps you to remember the time and date of each of your seizures and their physical characteristics, such as type and location, and any other information that you want to include.
You can use the Seizure Diary to record:
– The date and time of each of your seizures
– The type and location of the seizure (generalized, partial, or focal)
– Any other information you want to remember
– If your seizures are preceded by aura, you can note this
– Your seizure outcomes (cure, reduction, or not changed)
– Any treatment you receive for your epilepsy (medication or surgery)
– Any other information you want to remember
– Your total number of seizures in the past month (or other time frame you want to keep track of)
NOTE: Seizure Diary requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please see below for more details.
Printing Instructions:
On the Print button on the toolbar above, choose the format of the printed diary that you want. Then, select the number of copies you want printed.
When you print the Seizure Diary, you are printing the interactive version. It has a lot of features that you will learn about as you play with the diary.
You will be able to record your seizures and follow your progress over time. You can review the details of your seizures, and change the date you would like to record your seizure.
You can add additional information to your seizure, such as other drugs you are taking, other treatments, diagnosis, etiology and other important data.
You can print and review a list of your seizures by date and time. You can also print and review a list of your seizures by location.
Selecting a seizure:
At the top of your screen, select the seizure that you want to record. You will see a list of all your seizures. To select one, simply click on it.
Information about your seizure:
You can view any information associated with the seizure. You can record the time of onset, date, type, duration, location, and any other information you want.
You can also select the color that you want to use to highlight the seizure. The color you choose will appear on all records of the seizure.
For all your seizures, you will be able to select the cure, reduce, or no change. This will appear for each of your seizures on your printed seizure calendar. eea19f52d2


Medical Massage and Salon Application is a medical scheduling program that enables you to organize all your appointments, clients and invoices. You can set up as many appointments as you need and easily track all the invoices and payments.
The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Macbooks and is available in two languages: English and Spanish.
Medical Massage and Salon Application is priced at $15.99 but there is a trial version available for download for a limited time only.

Medical Massage and Salon Application Review

Medical Massage and Salon Application is a reliable and straightforward Excel spreadsheet worth having when you need to manage all your patients, organize consultations and appointments, as well as track all the invoices and payments.
With the help of Medical Massage and Salon Application you are able to make use of twelve separate screens namely Setup, Email Templates, Appointment Types and Invoice Service Items, Staff, Contacts, Main, Week View, Recurring, Invoice, Invoice and Payments, Attachments and Reports.
It relies on a short installation process which you should pay attention to in order to dismiss any third-party software that might be included in it.
The first screen that is displayed when you launch Medical Massage and Salon Application is entitled Setup and enables you to set up the schedule year, the waiting list rows and the first day of work week.
The ‘Referral Type’ section allows you to know how your clients heard about your business. You can simply type in any referral you want and track it in the Reports section as well.
One important feature of the spreadsheet is the ability to add and remove staff effortlessly. The ‘Weekly Schedule’ section enables you to organize the working hours for each employee.
The ‘Email Templates’ sheet contains six different templates you can choose from. This way, you can easily send appointment reminders, invoice emails and birthday wishes to all your clients and employees.
By navigating to the ‘Staff’ tab, you are able to manage and organize all your employees with ease. You can customize their personal details by adding e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
Using the ‘Invoice’ sheet you can create as many invoices as you want for each client. You can personalize each file by setting up your business name and address and insert all the service items in the predefined table. Also, you are able to view all the invo