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How does the question «How does a citizen of this community decide to start or participate in the Answers section?» make sense?

The question How does a citizen of this community decide to start or participate in the Answers section? has been raised by a (possibly) duplicate question from a user who appears to have left the site recently.
It’s off-topic according to the FAQ, so it would have been better left closed (if a moderator saw fit). But closing is not an option now.
Should this question be reopened, as it appears that it doesn’t actually duplicate the already asked question it might be considered a dupe-of-a-dupe.
My concerns are:

it’s, well, a duplicate, but it doesn’t have a lot of value being about a too broad question that doesn’t

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Aptron Portaria Keygen.epub
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Aptron Portaria Keygen.epub.
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