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Manage your OTP codes directly on your computer. After registering OTP codes with one or more accounts, you can view the generated codes for each account, check them and even manually enter new codes by using the app’s interface. This way, you can protect your OTP codes from unauthorized access, knowing that they’re only stored on your computer. OTPmanager supports 6/8 digits and 4 different algorithms. Support for TOTP/HOTP and OTP/OTP+.
Key features:
View the generated OTP codes and manually enter new codes for each registered account.
Support for 6/8 digits and 4 different algorithms.
Simple, easy to use interface.
Support for FreeOTP.

If your online security is a real concern to you, you might want reliable ways to protect your data from various risks, including theft or unwanted access. One of the tools that can help you do so is OTPmanager.
Manage your OTP codes
You can turn to this application if you need a quick, effortless way to manage OTP codes directly on your computer. Doing so can be easily accomplished by typing the required details in the designated fields, adjusting a bunch of parameters and selecting the desired algorithm from the combo menu.
Some of the required details include the email address used for the account you’re trying to register, an identification number and an OTP secret. The app supports both TOTP and HOTP standards, 6 or 8 digits and 4 different algorithms (MD5, SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512).
Import data from FreeOTP
If you’d rather import an account from FreeOTP than creating your own entries, OTPmanager enables you to do so in a simple way. You just have to click the «Choose File» button from the corresponding section, provide it with a valid XML document and hit the «Import» button afterward.
The app will process the data from the imported file and let you access it directly from its interface. You should note that this will replace the old file, as stated by the application itself.
View and hide OTPs
After you’re done configuring accounts with all the required information, you can view a list of them by accessing the «List OTP» option under the «File» menu.
If you want to create a new OTP account, you need to select «New OTP» from the same menu as above. Your OTPs can be temporarily revealed by clicking eea19f52d2

* The APRS-Beacon will transmit APRS traffic at the lowest rate for an Object. If the traffic rate is set too high the beacon will be disabled. If the rate is set too low the beacon will be limited to a small number of transmissions. The highest rate is set by the Object’s LowSpeedThreshold, which is only effective when the beacon is switched to native mode.
* The APRS-Beacon does not decode APRS traffic or monitor other traffic on the frequency. It is not an antenna.
* The APRS-Beacon provides an opportunity for hobbyists to put their APRS radios in a ‘dormant’ mode while using other electronics.
* The APRS-Beacon does not have an internal temperature sensor. It uses the following external sensors:
– DS110 TempFuse, select one of the following: TMPF125, TMPF135, TMPF145, TMPF155, TMPF165, TMPF185, TMPF195, TMPF205, TMPF215, TMPF235, TMPF245, TMPF255
– MSL220 Magnetic sensor, select one of the following: MAG10, MAG20, MAG30, MAG40, MAG50, MAG60, MAG70
– MSL100 Magnetometer, select one of the following: MAG10, MAG20, MAG30, MAG40, MAG50, MAG60, MAG70
* Beacons can be set to the automatic frequency mode. This will allow them to run on for a period of time without manual frequency changes or an additional external clock. Beacons are turned off by setting the APRS-Beacon channel to a specific channel that is not used by any other beacon.
* If you wish to use the APRS-Beacon for a specific event, you can set a channel in the Beacons config file.
* The APRS-Beacon will transmit a message containing the Object’s ID and comment when it is turned on. The comment is obtained from a text file on the host computer. The Object’s ID will be a new string; it is always in the format CMA\XYZ, where XYZ is the Object’s 3-character ICAO and CMA is the vehicle class.
* The APRS-Beacon will transmit a single message on each minute when it is turned on. This is configurable in the Beacons config file.