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SuperBot is a free, automated, and very easy to use download manager that will help you download websites. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the website of your choice into the text field provided and click the button «Add URL».
After the URL is added you can right-click in the text field and click on «Get» to start your download. If you want to stop the download at any time, just click on the «Pause» button.
The created link will open in your default browser. You can resume and complete your download by clicking on the «Resume» and «Finish» buttons, respectively.
SuperBot Features:
All features are available in the help menu.
You can pause and resume your download by using the «Pause» and «Resume» buttons.
The «Get» button is used to add URLs to your download queue.
The «Refresh» button is used to update all currently added URLs in your queue.
The «Copy» button is used to copy the current URL in your download queue.
The «Clear» button is used to clear all currently added URLs in your queue.
The «Find» button is used to find the word you are currently typing in the URLs.
The «Help» button opens the web browser and the SuperBot help page.
Expected improvements:
* Fixing search engine bugs (Funny or Dangerous categories)
* Fixing SQL injection bugs (Crazy_Ipster, Monstrs, SuperBot-xxx)
* Search engine bug improvements
* I may release another version soon.

Please download the latest version for the current build.
Thanks for all your supports!

What`s New in this Release:

* Removed superbot.exe from the file and added a proper portable application icon.
* The original version of the application was not the portable one.
* The installer is still the portable one, but the exe file is not.
* Only the program is portable now.

dvdslayer is an all-in-one DVD/VCD/DVD-RW/CD/DVD+RW/CD+RW/Blu-Ray/CD-RW/CD-R/CD-RW burner, which can burn data discs or write ISO image to CD/DVD or BD-R/BD-RW.
The design of this program is aimed at making it portable for Windows XP/2000/ eea19f52d2

Whisper is an instant messaging application designed to help protect personal conversations. When you have to go somewhere and do not want to take your phone, Whisper can be set up to store all your conversations and conversations with friends.In the fabrication of semiconductor devices, it is common to form a metal feature to one side of a semiconductor substrate. The metal feature is often in the form of a metal line. In many such instances, the metal line is in the form of a trench or damascene structure.
In order to improve the performance of semiconductor devices, it is important to provide a higher current density in the active regions of the devices. In order to achieve higher current density, the resistance of the metal line should be reduced to a minimum.
One common problem in the formation of metal lines is the formation of high stress points along the interface of the line and the semiconductor substrate. The stress points, which may be caused by the deposition process and/or polishing process, can cause metal line failures. In many instances, as the width of the metal lines decrease, the failures become more prevalent.
A continuing goal in semiconductor processing is to reduce the number of metal line failures.
It would be advantageous to develop a metal line that reduces stress points, thereby reducing the number of failures and extending the lifetimes of metal lines.Monday, September 19, 2012

Kolkata: Rangoon Wave

The ferocious monsoon wave from the Bay of Bengal was all set to engulf the city of Kolkata with its fury. Over the last week, it has been quite clear that the heavy downpour has been wreaking havoc and finally it has made the city to almost feel like living in the middle ages. No rain is heard, no water to drink, only wall-to-wall water everywhere. Most part of the city is submerged in the onslaught of the torrential rains.

In the wake of the rains, the water levels in the Hooghly River have increased to a considerable height. One of the important roads of the city, namely Kalighat Kali, has also been under the waters for a long time. The water has not only submerged the road but also all the shops along the road. That said, if you drive along the road, you can see huge water-logged vehicles floating along the road. As per the reports, the water has risen to such a level that it is threatening the life of the residents living in the area.

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