* Select a graphics format and the size of the output file.
* Type the equation in a dialog, then press Enter to plot it.
* Copy graphs to BMP or EMF format (color or monochrome) or copy tables and equations.
* Save, rename, delete, and view graphs, and copy and zoom in graphs.
* Adjust the theta range for polar graphing, and export the grid range.
* Erase a graph, hide it, delete it, and show graphs by tag.
* Set point table properties, find intersections between two curves, edit functions and constants, perform numerical integration, and more.
* Pan and zoom with the mouse wheel.
* Change the graphing resolution with the tab.
* Choose a template and a format.
* View and edit all equations.
* Edit variables, perform mathematics, and export to Word.
* Export point data to a number of different file formats.
* Set point data properties.
* Create points based on current equations.
* Create an interactive form for point data.
* Save, rename, delete, copy, and convert points to graphs.
* Export points to a range of graphics file formats, including GIF and PNG.
* Analyze points with a table editor.
* Save points as a table to a file.
* View point data and tables in a matrix form.
* Export point data to databases.
* Create a template.
* Make your own templates from equations.
* View and print several types of graphs.
* Customize the background, color, and color map of graphs.
* Print tables and graphs in the specified range.
* Show, hide, delete, and duplicate graphs and their points.
* Edit and adjust a graph’s scale.
* Add a vertical line to a graph.
* Set the font size and style for a graph.
* Hide all graphs and list them by tag.
* Adjust theta scale for polar graphing.
* Erase the selected point, and adjust the point scale.
* Graphical parameters for each function.
* Align equations using a grid.
* Graphical parameters for each function.
* Graphically solve equations using a gradient.
* Graphical parameters for each function.
* Plot curves of equations with a bezier curve.
* Graphical parameters for each function.
* Set the y-axis grid.
* Set 84e02134c1

SOFA Statistics
DefencePlus Server Edition
Thredd for Firefox
Lead King Phone Broadcast
BatchRename Free Edition
Steghide UI
Microsoft VirtualEarth Map Downloader
Hide Drive(s)
3herosoft DVD to BlackBerry Converter
Universal Mapper
Symlink helper
Intel Power Gadget
Math Expression Calculator
Computer Time Control
Twinword Finder
Sync2 Cloud
NRW Codec
Guitar Power

The Keymacro can be used to create, run and edit macros in any document. It also allows you to search your documents and navigate between the text using the mouse scroll wheel. By dragging and dropping different text elements from the content panel the user can create macros that can be triggered by pressing keystrokes or mouse events.
Flexible API Description:
The Keymacro supports a flexible API which allows users to create, edit, and run macros at will. Its features include:

– Create macros, such as recording keystrokes, when a hot key is pressed.
– Edit and view macros in the UI.
– Search macros using a custom search engine.
– Connect macros to any document using drag and drop.

macro keyStrokes and events description:
The Keymacro can be used to record keystrokes or mouse clicks, and then create a macro when a hot key is pressed.
– When a user presses a hot key, the Keymacro will record the keystrokes.
– The Keymacro also records mouse clicks when the macro area is in focus.

Lets say that the user records a key stroke macro and presses Ctrl+Z, the Keymacro can be then called on any open document to replay the keystroke on that document. The macro can be set to record in seconds or minutes, or hours or even days.

Keymacro records keystrokes and mouse clicks.
It also records keystrokes that are pressed by hot keys, just like, Ctrl+Z to undo.

Supported platforms:
– Microsoft Word
– Adobe Acrobat
– Google Docs
– QuarkXPress
– JasperSoft Studio
– Adobe Flex
– Microsoft Excel

– New Release

What’s New:
– updated user guide and documentation
– updated user interface

Table of contents:
– [[Page one][1]]
– [[Page two][2]]


CurationSoft will provide users with quick and easy Google blog, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter search.
Easily curate blog posts with drag and drop feature to any HTML editor. Curate content on Google+, WordPress, and any platform which allows editing in html.

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