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SCULP stands for «Self-Coded Uninterruptable Loop Painter». It generates unique and random images using the same logic as a sculpture or artwork. It is a simple, but unique and great tool for creative artists. SCULP represents the very first «repetitive» generated world. Using single camera shots, SCULP can generate fully 3D worlds. SCULP creates images that are self-evolving and «changing» as well as self-generating.
Key Features:
■ Single camera shots
■ Random and fully controllable generated worlds
■ Record your personal worlds
■ Generate images with live texture updates
■ Use «stop motion»
■ Use text
■ Control Camera
■ Use shape generators
■ Use custom shape generation
■ 3D object animation
■ Camera rotation
■ Camera flights
■ Use «see through» objects
■ Use colour wheels
■ Generate texture patterns and effects
■ You can use your own generated image sources
■ High resolution output for Retina displays
■ Save the world or world generation
■ Save your worlds as.tga or.png files
■ Change size and resolution of output
■ Save timeThe Philippines will not allow a US base to be built in the country, as President Rodrigo Duterte indicated that the military relationship between the two countries had been repaired, a diplomatic source said on Monday.

The statement came a day after Duterte reportedly told his US counterpart, US President Donald Trump, that he would allow the US military to build a maritime and air base on Philippine soil in exchange for the US securing the rights to mining and exploration in the country.

The US government last year cleared the way for a military-to-military agreement with the Philippines after Duterte returned the military equipment provided to the country by the US when he took office in June 2016.

The US has long sought a base in the Philippines and first proposed the idea during the administration of President Barack Obama in the early 2000s. The US has pursued the idea since the 1990s when the Philippines was governed by President Fidel V. Ramos.

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PyVISA provides an object-oriented API that is easy to use. PyVISA objects are implemented as Python classes, which make them very similar to any other Python object.
In principle, PyVISA classes are intended to represent an instrument. It is expected that you can create as many of them as you need to model the different instruments you have. The instruments should have properties (e.g., name, description, manufacturer) that must be set and methods that should be called, i.e. the instrument should have a well defined interface.
PyVISA has a user interface that allows you to create, edit, and delete instrument objects. The user interface is implemented in This GUI can also be used interactively from the command line.
The second layer of PyVISA is the vpp43 module, which directly implements the VISA calls via the VPP43 library. In principle, vpp43 is intended to be used only by instrument developers and researchers.
Installing PyVISA:
See also the INSTALL file.
You can use either the binary (.exe) or the source (.zip) files. The only difference is that the source code has more comments, which make it slightly easier to install.
Getting started:
Getting started with PyVISA is straight forward. Just open a command window (CTRL-N) and execute:
$ python visa
Your first application will show a simple list of instruments.
Your instrument is: «PC Speaker»
Press [Ctrl-C] to quit the list.
The command python visa will open the visa GUI with the first instrument of the list.
The python visa command line tool is also included in the PyVISA distribution (
Using PyVISA:
What follows is only a very short introduction to PyVISA. The whole PyVISA API can be found at the PyVISA official site.
The code examples in this manual are meant to illustrate PyVISA. They can be copied to your Python interpreter to run them without an interpreter. The commands that are not shown in the code examples should be used to make the example run correctly.
The code example ‘’ will open the visa GUI and show the first instrument in the list. By executing the command ‘python’ the visa GUI will be started again. This tool can be used to run simple