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Use KEYMACRO to quickly resize pictures for sending to friends and colleagues! What is it? – It’s a macro which lets you easily resize pictures to smaller sizes (such as to 640×480) for sending via instant messaging or e-mail.
What’s NEW in version 1.2: – Revised instructions for the settings screen. – Added HTML export capability.
Here is a sample email I sent using KEYMACRO:
—–Original Message—–
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2007 9:05 AM
Subject: Baby Picture!
Hey friend,
I want to share a picture I just took of my baby.
This is not my baby, but let me show you how simple it is to do this with KEYMACRO.
I opened up KEYMACRO, hit the FUNCTION button, and then selected «RESIZE».
Then, I selected the «SEND» button and hit the START button. Then I pointed KEYMACRO to the picture I wanted to resize, pressed the OK button and checked out the image I had resized.
Here is a sample of what I am talking about:

Come on over and try this for yourself!
Let me know if you have any trouble.
Have a great day,
Edgar E.
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Most Windows Media Player users may have the undesired or surprising experience that windows media player skip or pauses when a certain video is playing. Why does that happen? Why Windows Media Player skips or pauses?
There are some reasons that may cause windows media player skip or pause. If you can not figure out why windows media player 70238732e0

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This keyword allows you to use the keyword MACRO as a command to call a external program from the tool.
MACRO /usr/bin/env WKT /Users/user/Desktop/workspace/GeoServer/geoserver/WEB-INF/classes/shapefiles/line.shp /Users/user/Desktop/workspace/GeoServer/geoserver/WEB-INF/classes/shapefiles/primitives.shp
In a similar way you can call an external executable by using system(«/bin/cat XYZ»)
FORTRAN Description:
This keyword allows you to specify the target Fortran environment in which the workflows will be run.
This will force the command /usr/bin/env CMD to call a shell script which is piped to the Fortran compilator.
If CMD has the word pltmo it is assumed that it is the file which contains the output of the CMD program.
This will force the command /usr/bin/env CMD to call a Python script which will call the Fortran compilator to return the output of the FORTRAN program.
If CMD has the word pltmo it is assumed that it is the file which contains the output of the CMD program.
HELIX.NLS Description:
This keyword allows you to choose a specific set of NLS messages.
Use the default message set if HELIX.NLS is not specified.
HELIX.NLS_HOSTS Description:
This keyword allows you to specify a comma-separated list of hosts that will be used for searching for HELIX NLS files.
HELIX.NLS_PATH Description:
This keyword allows you to specify the path to the HELIX NLS messages files.

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