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A technology that generates a strong random number using a unique sequence of numbers and algorithms.
C-KOM-AES Encryption (AES) Description:
The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a set of symmetric encryption algorithms published in 1995 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 197. AES is widely regarded as one of the best encryption algorithms for both speed and security. A number of countries and organizations have adopted AES as the standard for data encryption.
RSACrypto Random Access C-KOM-AES Encryption (AES) Description:
Random Sequence Algorithm (RSA), was published in the late 1980’s by the RSA Security, Inc. The RSA algorithm is used in both the United States and in many countries all over the world. The RSA technology is used in such fields as public-key cryptography, digital signatures, electronic commerce, etc.
RSA Public Key Encryption (RSA PK) Description:
RSA Public Key Encryption is an encryption algorithm developed by RSA Security, Inc. It is a type of symmetric algorithm.
Blowfish Description:
BLOWFISH is a block cipher developed by Ross Anderson in 1993. It is considered one of the strongest and most secure block ciphers available today. It is an implementation of a variable-key cipher.
Blowfish Encryption (BLOWFISH) Description:
The Blowfish cipher is a block cipher that has been published by Ronald L. Rivest. It is a symmetric cipher that uses a key length of 56 bits. It is one of the strongest block ciphers available.
C-KOM-Blowfish Encryption (BLOWFISH) Description:
C-KOM-BLOWFISH is a symmetric-key cipher that implements the Blowfish cipher algorithm. It is based on FFT (Fast Fourier Transform).
C-KOM-AES Encryption (Blowfish) Description:
C-KOM-AES Encryption (Blowfish) is a symmetric-key cipher that implements the Blowfish algorithm. It is a high-performance encryption algorithm.
C-KOM-Blowfish Encryption (Blowfish) Description:
C-KOM-Blowfish Encryption (Blowfish) is a symmetric-key cipher that implements the Blowfish algorithm. It is a high- 384a16bd22

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