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Press Tab twice
1. To activate the desktop effect (mouse will move in a certain
2. To activate the screensaver (a picture will start to move)
3. To deactivate the screensaver (the picture will stop moving)
: To deactivate the desktop effect (the desktop effect will be
deactivated and the mouse pointer will return to its previous
: To deactivate the screensaver (the screensaver will be
You can use the mouse to control the animation in the form of a
picture and/or choose a picture to animate.
* Installation
To install this screensaver, please use the «Install File» button
on the Settings Menu.
After installing the «My Files» menu will automatically have the
screensaver added.
If you are missing it, you should download it again with this

(Note that this link will not work until the screensaver is
* Usage
1. Start the screensaver with the settings menu by clicking on the
«Start» button.
2. Start the «My Files» menu and select the screensaver by pressing
Tab to scroll through the available screensavers.
To deactivate the screensaver, press Tab again.
The screensaver is completely automated; to use the mouse you
should click in the areas under the picture and the picture will
3. This screensaver is also fully functional without the mouse. You
can choose the picture to be animated by pressing Tab twice.
When you are ready, press Tab again to activate the screensaver.
The picture will start to move.
4. Press Tab again to return to the user interface. Press Tab
twice again to stop the animation.
If you have any questions, suggestions, etc, please feel free to
contact me at
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• Keyboard Shortcuts for Applications (Apps) and Windows (Win)
Keyboard shortcuts in the modern environment are something every single person has learned. They are the only way to save time and typing.
Since a computer mouse is not always the best alternative for every scenario, especially when we are on the go, keyboard shortcuts allow us to work with our system from different areas, which is another plus.
In the case of modern user interfaces, keyboard shortcuts may not be as obvious, however, they are an indispensable tool for getting around with the system.
In this library, we have gathered the most useful keyboard shortcuts, which may be used in the most different activities of the Modern UI.
We chose to publish them as an online keyboard shortcut utility, so you can be sure they will work every single time, in addition to being configured as you wish.
KEYMACRO Requirements:
• Windows 8.1/Windows 10 or newer
• Any device that runs Windows
• Any language
With just a few clicks, you can configure the most useful keyboard shortcuts, so you will never have to spend time looking for them or typing them every time.
KEYMACRO is completely free.
Free Editor 3.0 Description:
From 3-1-1 help, the user’s best free editor:
– A modern design
– High quality, developer grade tools
– Fully customizable
– Easy to use, share, and send thanks
A modern design
You probably have seen a lot of different editors, but have you ever been curious to see how they looked like?
Now you will get to see what other editors look like in the same way as you do with KEYMACRO.
Keyboard shortcuts for Windows users can be easily configured.
With the press of a single button, you will be able to customize your operating system’s keyboard shortcuts, which will become even more efficient as you do your daily tasks.
KEYMACRO has been designed from scratch to provide you with the user’s best editor:
– A modern design
– High quality, developer grade tools
– Fully customizable
– Easy to use, share, and send thanks
The customizable user interface of KEYMACRO is particularly useful.
This interface allows you to custom design the layout of the app according to your preferences, with the possibility of using the most important shortcuts and other items.
High quality, developer grade tools
You will have a powerful and easy-to-use developer grade tool.