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BP Oil Spill Calculator is an oil spill inventory calculator, designed to be used by decision makers at all levels to get an understanding of the spill scale. BP Oil Spill Calculator is a handy, easy to use calculator designed to be used as a resource for the users that are trying to grasp the spill numbers that are constantly reported in the news.
The units of measure historically used to report oil spills is gallons per day. At other times the spill is referred to in barrels per day. The news reports themselves often seem confused as to the true nature of the magnitude of the oil spill.
BP Oil Spill Calculator Features:
Compare spills of different sizes between spills
Calculate oil spills
Determine total spill volume and recoverable volume
Determine total length of cleanup for a specific spill size
Assess the amount of cleanup
Compare oil spills in gallons per day or barrels per day
Analyze data with graphs
Graphing is not done using graphs or dates. So, if you are looking at a graph of a five day timeframe for all the spills, you’ll not be able to tell which day the data point was on, and the graph won’t allow you to compare the two data points.
This application is designed to be interactive. You can input the data, click on a visualization (chart, table, etc) and it will update.
This application is a tool for Oil Spill management. It allows you to compare spills, analyze data and see how many dollars the cleanup of a specific spill will be.
BP Oil Spill Calculator Screenshots:

Business & Productivity Domain Name Search Company(Free) 1.0
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Power Excel Office 2010 Addin
Power Excel Office 2010 Addin
The addin detects and removes various kinds of corruptions from Power Excel files. No need to redownload Power Excel Office 2010, when you know that corruptions have been removed. Now you can be sure that your files have no more problems.

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Business & Productivity

SMS to Voice – Kfhone 1.0
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Time4U is a software for businesses to manage projects. With Time4U the user can create different projects and their products. The user can assign members to his project and choose from a variety of products. Time4U manages all accounting. Users can also sign up for the server and the user can enter his data there.
* Project management
* Time tracking
* Billing
* Performance
* Sales
* Billing
* Accounting
* Invoicing
* Performance
* Time4U (all features)
* Time4U (only Invoicing)
* Billing
* Time4U (only Billing)
* Time4U (only Invoicing)
* Accounting
* Data transfer
* User management
* Role management
* Access control
* Http server
Time4U Pricing:
Budget : $1300+
The plugin is now available.
Time4U v1.0.2
– Fix bug which caused all reports to be saved
– Add a time tracking entry description
– Display a dialog on startup to warn users that the server requires authorization to write.
– Allow selected application to display warning
– Workaround for.NET 4.0 GC
– Adjust focus position in new browser when necessary
– Update copyright notice
Time4U v1.0.1
– Correctly handle quoted time values in project/task time tracking
– Fix Time Zone issue when viewing invoices
– Fix TimeZone issue when viewing projects/tasks
– The company logo in bottom left corner is no longer displayed. This is a little inconvenient.
Time4U v1.0.0
– The source is now available.Muscle activity in the manus and pedal limbs of two rodent species.
The temporal activity of 11 muscles was recorded in the manus and pedal limbs of the rat (Rattus norvegicus) and the woodchuck (Marmota monax). Intramuscular wires were implanted in each muscle at a midbelly site and the wires secured to the skin by silk ligatures. Unipolar, fine-wire electromyographic (EMG) recordings were made and measured on high-gain preamplifier (5:1 gain) in an electrically shielded room. EMG recordings were made using a continuous-time recorder/analyzer and

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