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# Poems may be divided into different folders.
# All the files in the same directory will have the same folder
# number.
Dir = «/home/gianluca/myPoems/»
# Number of the directories where the poetry is stored
# On disk
old_count = 1
DirName = «DIR»
# «DIR» is now the top level directory
top_level = DirName
# Loops
# The maximum number of folders in a directory
max = 2
# If the top level directory exists, get the old_count, if not, make
# the first folder
if (DirName!= «») {
old_count = (DirName == «DIR»)? 0 : old_count+1
# Folders are found by looping through each directory until the
# directory where the poetry is stored is reached. If the new folder
# doesn’t exist yet, create it
DirName = DirName «/»
for (i=1; i 70238732e0

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