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This is a FREE license with NO DEMO for NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY.
1. Can create an unlimited number of PDF files from Web pages
2. Batch PDF creation
3. Can create PDF files from HTML, XHTML, XML and TXT documents
4. Can view any image file format
5. Create PDF files in the following file formats:
Additional Notes:
The demo version will not provide more than 10 pages to convert. The number of pages you can convert per demo version is fixed to 10. It is the same for the full version.
· Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit)
· Free DownloadMolecular phylogenetics and molecular evolution of the nuclear-encoded ribosomal protein L30 (rpl30) in the genus Thamnophis.
We determined partial sequences of the nuclear-encoded ribosomal protein L30 (rpl30) gene from the snake genera Thamnophis, Elaphe and Python. Our data support a previous inference of the basal position of Elaphe among squamates. Comparison of the rpl30 sequence data with other ribosomal genes from Thamnophis and Python, revealed a highly conserved pattern of evolution. The rpl30 gene appears to have evolved under similar selective pressure as the gene encoding the ribosomal RNA component, and exhibits similar codon usage bias as the ribosomal RNA gene in the genus.The Washington Post has an interesting opinion piece by Jeffrey Goldberg that runs through the various arguments that have been made about why the US is not going to get into a war with Iran. “The anti-war left,” he writes, “is wrong to think of ‘not going to war’ as equivalent to ‘not acting.’ A country can act without going to war.” He goes on to list several examples of the US’s “non-war” actions over the last 25 years — things like the bombing of Yugoslavia, the invasion of Iraq, etc. — to make his point that the US has been far less aggressive than it was in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

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KEYMACRO is a PC/Mac file backup application which lets you automatically back up selected files to the «Choose a destination folder» section, and apply various image effects to the backup files.

Full package software solution for all your applications and content management needs.
Easy: install once, manage your documents, apps, media, e-mail and contacts from any web-based interface – either from your PC or mobile device.
Flexible: manage your content with a unique folder structure that easily organizes your content into categories and sub-categories; plus, manage backups easily with subfolders.
Fast: delivers your files to any device over the internet and through any web browser at lightning speed; plus, it works with any device.
Easy to use: access your folders and files from any web browser on any device.
Cloud based: access all your files and data from any browser, on any device – including your PC, tablet and smartphone.
Online backup: now there’s an option to backup your entire PC, work files, and apps to your web-based dashboard or cloud.
Additional Features:
• View, access and share folders and files from your PC, tablet or smartphone via web browser
• Access, share and manage photos, music, documents, apps and more from any web browser on any device
• Enjoy images and videos optimized for your web browser – use the thumbnails to open instantly
• A responsive, intuitive and easy to use interface, built for multiple devices
• Convert files on your desktop to the latest web standard (e.g. JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, and DOC)
• Access your files from any web browser on your PC, tablet, or smartphone
• Access your media, apps and documents stored on your PC or mobile devices remotely from any web browser on any device
• Review the file history and version history of your files
• Select multiple files or folders and drag them to the move window to send them to your online storage cloud
• Add or delete folders
• Archive files to help you manage your backups
• Email your selected files
• Organize your files into folders
• Send files from your computer to your cloud account
• Send files from your cloud account to your PC, tablet or smartphone
• Connect to and share files with your friends
• Move files between your PC, tablet and smartphone
• Automatically move your files to your cloud account
• Add multiple email addresses in your email client or