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-a) pemdip – a PEM encoded data utility, including its encoder and decoder.
-b) p5md – a P5MD compiler.
-c) p5g – a P5G translator.
-d) clive – a file explorer for compressed ZIP, RAR, LHA and CHM archives.
-e) p5cmd – a P5M4 command line interpreter.
-f) p5im – a P5IM interpreter.
-g) p5nd – a P5ND implementation.
-h) p5d2md – a P5D2M compiler.
-i) p5d2md – a P5D2M interpreter.
-j) p5j – a P5J interpreter.
-k) p5net – a P5NET implementation.
-l) p5ver – a P5VER converter.
-m) p5lsx – a P5LSX2X converter.
-n) sjcmd – a Java 2 command line utility.
-o) sjnet – a Java 2 network utility.
-p) sjctrl – a Java 2 control utility.
-q) sjinfo – a Java 2 information utility.
-r) sjstat – a Java 2 status utility.
-s) sjim – a Java 2 inter-active interpreter.
-t) sjdb – a Java 2 database tool.
-u) sjex – a Java 2 XML utility.
-v) sjio – a Java 2 input/output utility.
-w) sjarc – a Java 2 archive utility.
-x) sjmems – a Java 2 memory utility.
-y) sjvm – a Java 2 virtual machine.
-z) sjver – a Java 2 version utility.
-0) sjjs – a Java 2 JavaScript tool.
-1) sjbc – a Java 2 bytecode utility.
-2) sjprog – a Java 2 program compiler.
-3) sjle – a Java 2 linked-list editor.
-4) sjlib – a Java 2 linked-list library.
-5) sjsym – a Java 2 symbol table editor.
-6) sjjav – a Java 2 Java compiler.
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– Macros can be stored and referenced from anywhere within the workspace.
– Definitions can be edited, imported and exported.
– Multiple files can be controlled in the same workflow.
– It’s easy to load other macros or definitions
– Automated imports, exports, and reusable patterns
KEYMACRO is made to be fast and easy to use,
with a very intuitive set of commands and the tree pad editor makes working
with macro files easy and intuitive.
Using Macro Import:
When importing a macro file, the macro definition appears at the top of the
macro file along with any other definitions, when saved and a macro is first
imported it will import the definition and definition lines that are at the
top of the macro file,
the macro can be re-imported as many times as you like and you can have as
many definitions as you want in the macro.
Defining macros with no parameters:
When you import a macro from a folder it will create a macro with no parameters.
You can define macros with parameters that can be accessed in the macro.
KEYMACRO commands:
Imports, imports, exports, exports, macro definitions and
macro definitions.
Examples of using the macro definitions:
Imports, import, exports, exports, exports, exports and macros from macro files.
There are three parameters for each macro definition. The name of the
parameter, the default value and the description. The parameters are
arranged in the order of the parameters for each macro definition.
Creating Macros, and making a macro importable:
To create a new macro definition, right click on the folder of the macro
file in the tree pad and select ‘New Macro’
To import an existing macro file, right click on the folder of the macro
file in the tree pad and select ‘Import Macro’
Importing Macros:
There are three methods of importing macros,
1. Macro definitions imported from macro files,
2. Importing one or more macro definitions from a macro file, and
3. Importing several macros from a macro file using the import commands.
KEYMACRO uses «Import Macro» for all macro importations, since the importing
of a macro will delete the macro from the mac file.
If you are importing a macro definition that doesn’t import the definition
lines in the macro file, you will see a message about the error.
Creating Macros:вђ-page-2-вђ-treasures-jewelers/рќр-рїрсџр¶рµ-11-at-the-beach-11-p8280225-imgsrc-ru/

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