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Easy to install

Can be used on any window

Provides different measuring units

Let’s begin the Universal Desktop Ruler tutorial with the app’s installation instructions. After the installation, open the program and click on the desktop or open the Windows Start menu. In the search window, type the Universal Desktop Ruler and select the Universal Desktop Ruler option. The next step is to set the options of the tool, which are accessed from the Preferences tab. Click on the settings and select the options you need.
You can also adjust the hotkeys of the measuring tool. You can change the orientation of the tool from the menu (make sure it’s set as the right-to-left). If you are not satisfied with the measurements, you can save them on the clipboard, which is accessed from the menu. The app includes a simple report window that can keep the history of the measured values of the screen.
Thanks to the program’s measuring tool, you can measure a figure on the screen and calculate its area, perimeter, angle, and count all the objects. To show the app’s functions, let’s check out how to make a freehand line from the tool menu. Start the tool, and click on the Marking tab. Then, drag the mouse to set the starting point, and release the mouse button. Next, move the mouse until the desired distance is reached, and hold it again. Release the mouse button. This is all that you need to do to make a line.
The next section of the app’s tutorial is dedicated to the functions that let you choose the area of a figure and measure the perimeter, as well as calculate angles and count objects. To begin, click on the Ruler tab and click the object on the screen you want to measure. Then, set the desired region by using the left mouse button. When the region is set, click the right button to determine the perimeter.
At this point, you can use the measuring tool to measure the angle. Click the first point of the tool (marked as a green dot) and drag the mouse to find the second point (marked as a yellow dot). Release the mouse button, and you are done. The last part of this tutorial is dedicated to how to copy the results to the clipboard, print, export, and save the values.
How to use Universal Desktop Ruler:

The application can be installed on any computer using Win32

Accesses the desktop or the Windows start menu

Provides different measuring units eea19f52d2

nBinder is an easy to use application that allows you to compress any file in an EXE without altering the initial functionality. You can use this program as a viable alternative to including files into archives, thus enabling you to skip the decompression step.
The application provides you with an easy to use interface, which makes it suitable for any type of user, whether they are a beginner or a professional. You can organize your bindings into different projects and add multiple files and folders into a single bind project, including URL files.
You can change the compression level for every file included in the project, as well as execution priority. Moreover, you can choose to delete the temporary files from the packed executable.
In addition to this, there are multiple different commands at your disposal that can be used. Message boxes, command execution, file creation, deletion, renaming or moving and process termination are just some examples. The program also allows you to add or set registry values and keys.
nBinder allows you to add different instructions to the project, each having its own syntax. For example, you can add a ‘Wait for’ control that determines the execution to pause if the imposed condition is true. The conditions may be related to the date and time, registry keys, file or folder contents.
Furthermore, the application can be used to enable encryption or assign passwords to files in the project, in order to protect them from unwanted access.
Customization through assigning an icon and a version number to the executable created with nBinder is on the list of features as well. After the project is processed, you can view the newly created EXE in the specified output path and run them. For example, a packed picture gallery opens with its default application and you don’t need to decompress it first.
nBinder Features:

Compression using EXE

A new EXE is created with the same initial functionality of the original, but with compression.

Temporary files deletion

The original EXE is created without temporary files and you can delete them at will.

Add different instructions

The ability to add your own instructions to the compressed EXE.

Additional features

The nBinder features a list of additional features, including:

(For Developers)

Copy to nBinder:

If you want to pack a file (like a CAB or ZIP archive), copy it to the default path (i.e. c:\users\jav

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