Zipmt is a utility to accelerate bzip2 compression by using a parallel
mode. The utility uses a multi-threading, in which the current file
is split into several parts, and these parts are compressed
independently and finally merged into a single bzip2 archive. It also
provides a parallel mode that splits a file into parts and
compresses them in parallel, to be merged in the end.

Zipmt Features:

Multiple threads for compression, decompression and unzipping.
Automatic detection of optimal parallelization mode, 2, 3 or 4
Parallel mode for splitting and merging files.
Speed up of 2.5 to 4 times.
End-to-end compression and decompression.
Can be used on any OS that supports pthreads and bzip2.

Windows users can download Zipmt as a portable zip archive containing the Windows installer.

One nice thing about Zipmt is that it can use any executable or shared library available on the computer. I find that useful for a variety of reasons.


No, bzip2 and bzip2recover are much slower than gzip, and much slower than zip. The slow bzip2 decompressor is part of bzip2, the gzip decompressor is part of the glibc libraries.


bzip2 is slower than gzip.
0.25 s / 13 MB / 26.37 MiB (43.09 MiB/s)
0.07 s / 4.68 MB / 3.43 MiB (9.44 MiB/s)

Note that the bzip2 and gzip man pages contain the following note:

The GNU program «bzip2» is similar to «gzip» (GNU zip), which is
described on the GNU website,

Both bzip2 and gzip were designed with speed in mind, so you can’t really expect to outrun them. Even if you use threads, you will probably not be able to bring them up to the speed of gzip.


0.3 s (13 KB/s)
2.0 s (9.7 MB/s)
3.4 s (11.1 MB eea19f52d2

What Stereo Space Expander does:
Stereo Space Expander offers a fast and reliable stereo expansion tool.
The application accepts mono or stereo wave file, and will automatically generate left and right stereo expansion files of identical length as the original audio track.
The generated files can be renamed as desired, and will be placed in the same directory as the original file.
The output will be identical to that of the mono track expansion.
Possible uses of Stereo Space Expander:
Stereo Space Expander can be used as a non-destructive replacement for mono expansion, or as an easy and quick way to create an identical stereo effect to a mono track.
Stereo Space Expander is the ideal tool for adding subtle and natural stereo effects to your songs, and it does not matter if the stereo expansion was created before or after recording.
How Stereo Space Expander works:
Stereo Space Expander applies different phase shifts to the low-, mid and high frequency components of the audio signal, based on a combination of a sophisticated fast time-domain analysis, along with an innovative phase distribution technique. The resulting effect is a pseudo stereo expansion.
Stereo Space Expander is a simple and efficient tool designed to introduce a pseudo stereo effect to music recorded in mono wave files (uncompressed 8 or 16 bit). SSE works by applying different phase shifts to the low-, mid and high frequency components of the recorded sound. Internally, this is achieved by means of fast time-domain filtering.
Features of Stereo Space Expander:
Complete Time-Domain Filtering: SSE starts by applying a high-pass and a low-pass filter on the signal. The ratio of these filters is calculated based on a fast time-domain analysis of the audio signal. The audio signal is then re-processed to obtain the left and right stereo expansion files.
Split Mono and Stereo Files: Stereo Space Expander can accept mono and stereo wave files (split between channels).
Great Preservation of Original Sound: Stereo Space Expander uses the amplitude of the signal to calculate the phase shifts. This means the output of SSE will be identical to that of the original mono track, even if the mono track was recorded in a higher sample rate than the stereo expansion.
Supports Any Audio Format: Stereo Space Expander is a versatile tool and can accept any mono or stereo audio file, including music CDs and movies.
User-Configurable: With the application you canеґиµ·зљззѓ/