FSX ORBX FTX Global Vector V1 30


FSX ORBX FTX Global Vector V1 30

I am trying to purchase the new V1.30 version of FTX Global Vector as per the previous post of mine ( but when I log-in to my Account the download of V1.30 is not available. When I log-in to my account, the version # is 1.14 and the Only available files are.
Sep 25, 2015
Manufacturer: ORBX Last Updated: 06:29, 6/5/2016 ) Focus: FSX Technical Resource) Element: Education… c: ORBX. Web site.
VTOL and Helicopter VR from Orbx 11 Jan 2015… ORBX and P3DV2 (later renamed to P3D V2) can be downloaded from the FSX PC A DSP version of FTX Global Vector (labeled v1.30) was…

Oct 25, 2015
Vector Post Processing v2.0 and FTX – Global Vector v1.30 Released. 5 Aug 2015… ORBX Press Release. Version 1.30 contains many new features, including post-processing options, worldwide coverage for modeled buildings, ground textures, and.
I purchased from Orbx (SKU No. FSTN0158) in September 2011 (order number FSTN0015) which is version 1.20. I am having issues with 0.2 v1.30 I have loaded but there is no way to download the new version. Orbx have removed the download.
Feb 26, 2016
I purchased FTX Global Vector from Orbx in 2014, and I am currently using the 1.30 version. I would like to know if I can install any v1.30 bug fixes or.
Apr 15, 2016
For the living! Download free orbital x FSX spatial global vector on our website: I search…

Oct 24, 2015

Aug 7, 2015 . Available in FSX, P3D & FS9. Orbx FTX Global Vector is fully compatible with OpenLC EU, and includes the full range of MR and MU map and cockpit models from previous versions.
Mar 20, 2016
Avióncia, descargas, compartilhamento, configuração,. World. Over 200 countries, over 400 aircraft, over 3500 airports, over 20,000 IFR sectors, over 85,000 ILS courses, over 19,000 VFR sectors, can you say that Orbx FTX Global Vector (FSX, P3D, PCPilot 5)?
Oct 8, 2014 . FSX, P3D & FS9. Order Number: FSS0275168 Order Date: 03.10.2014) I am having problems with the install. I cannot find my AdobeFlash Player.
Jul 14, 2012
Hi, I am currently using version 1.35 Global Vector. I’ve had problems with the GUI freezing while using MR and MU airports (when it tries to do its thing). I’ve
Oct 4, 2013 . I have Orbx FTX – Global Vector 2.00. ORBX FTX Global Vector. FSX/P3D (for Windows) (FS9 or FSX/P3D for Mac) Or any other version of FSX.
Oct 27, 2014 . i have a problem with FSX or FS9 because aproximatly every 50 min or so i get a message «Could not
Jul 18, 2012 . FTX International Upgrade Plus – Free (Windows/FSX, PCPilot 5, or XP).
Oct 4, 2013 . I have Orbx FTX – Global Vector 2.00. ORBX FTX Global Vector. FSX/P3D (for Windows) (FS9 or FSX/P3D for Mac) Or any other version of FSX.
Dec 2, 2016 . FTX Global VECTOR 1.20. FTX Global VECTOR 1.30. FTX Global VECTOR 2.0. FTX Global VECTOR 2.0. A-320 new code. Aug-2016 – Enero Marzo – 2016. Hello all.
Apr 19, 2015
I have version 1.30 ORBX FTX Global Vector in FSX and P3D


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