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Rinzo XML Editor is a powerful XML editor which allows editing, adding, replacing and deleting nodes and attributes in XML documents. Rinzo can be used as a standard XML editor for small projects. Rinzo can also be used as a stand-alone application for handling huge XML documents as databases, where the latest XML file is read continuously and the XML document is modified as a stream. Rinzo is a perfect tool for XML processing in embedded systems.
The main applications have two modes, the Standard mode and the Stream mode. In the Standard mode, you can add, delete, replace, rename and move nodes and attributes. In Stream mode, you can add, delete, replace, rename and move nodes and attributes, and also insert CDATA. CDATA is text that is enclosed in double-quotes, » and it is only for example.
Rinzo XML Editor Features:
1) XML DOM parser. The main application is a library for XPath and XQuery. This means that Rinzo is a very light XML editor, with a node selection and a string search. It’s so light because Rinzo only contains the DOM parser, no XML editor UI.
2) Support of huge XML files. Rinzo XML Editor supports a pure streaming mode, where the XML file is used as a stream of nodes and attributes to be added, deleted, replaced and so on. This means that Rinzo is suited for processing huge XML files as streams. If the XML is too big, Rinzo only reads the latest part of the XML file into memory and uses a circular buffer for keeping it all in memory. Rinzo supports also a mode where you can append a new XML file to the current document (and you can select nodes to be added from another XML file).
3) CDATA is supported. If you add CDATA nodes, Rinzo can handle them just like any other XML node.
4) Basic HTML. Rinzo supports basic HTML with tags and the HTML format.
5) XPath. Rinzo supports basic XPath. This means that you can navigate the DOM tree of the XML document through simple XPath selectors, including the predicates and variables.
6) XPath filter support. You can add XPath selectors to the Filter Tree. This means that if you have an XPath expression like (//button/@id) or (//button/@id eq ‘»foo»‘) then Rinzo will add a filter to check if the expression is true 384a16bd22

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* Increase the productivity of your team with our powerful editing tool.
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* Convert videos for YouTube, Facebook, and other social networks!
* Many more features!
Main Features:
* Convert Any Video to FLV or MP4
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* Total control
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