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Diodia ToolbarAssembler, creating custom Internet Explorer toolbars complete with setup programs ready for distribution and installation on any Windows PC.
It can also generate the shortcut, setup file and install scripts for the toolbar for you.
If you use a wide range of browser extensions, you need a toolbar of your own, to be specific, a new toolbar with the text and graphics you use most often.
The toolbar you order will be ready for you in a few minutes.
Setup programs, although requiring you to know a few setup steps, are easy to perform.
A shortcut, an installed program and a script with the right content, can help you in several ways.
New Toolbars:
You can order a completely new toolbar, with new styles, a wide range of extensions and additional features.
This is a professional way to create a new toolbar for your desktop.
You can use any image as a background.
See the existing styles or choose your own.
If you like this style, you can select it as your favorite.
The toolbar is already set to your needs, that’s how it is ready for you in a few minutes.
Toolbar Assembler Features:
– Easy to create custom toolbars
– Advanced toolbars
– A toolbar with many options
– Generate shortcuts, install files and scripts
– Generator for some standard options
– Custom background
– Allows you to combine several toolbars
– Shorter extensions and text
– All features are user friendly
– You can have several toolbar versions
– Personalization: You can set your favorite options
– Icon size: You can change the size of the icons.
– Background size: You can change the size of the background image.
– Background color: You can change the color of the background image.
– Arrows size: You can change the size of the arrows.
– Menu button size: You can change the size of the menu button.
– Link color: You can change the color of the links.
– Filename color: You can change the color of the filenames.
– E-Mail address color: You can change the color of the e-mail addresses.
– Font size: You can change the size of the fonts.
– Font color: You can change the color of the fonts.
– Font family: You can change the font family.
– Text color: You can change the color of the text.
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