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ClientAPI is a.NET 2.0 object-oriented ActiveX Control which enables an
experienced VB developer to access all the resources and peripherals
of our microcontroller boards using Visual BASIC, Visual C++ or
other development tools that you are familiar with. Sample VC++ and
VB programs and a standalone executable called Client51 is also
ClientAPI includes: ClientAPI library; Help files for ClientAPI,
ClientAPI ActiveX control, Data Logger and Server51; Visual C++ 6.0
example using ClientAPI; VB binaries and examples; Data Logger
binaries and examples; Server51 BiPOM MicroIDE project. Give
ClientAPI a try to fully assess its capabilities!
ClientAPI is free for academic and personal use only.

You will need to download the latest version of Microsoft.NET Framework to create and install the ActiveX control.
To install the Microsoft.NET Framework, click Start | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs.
Check «Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0».
Click «Next» and then «Install.»
Go to «C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0\v2.0.50727» and create the «ClientAPI.ocx» file.
From the «ClientAPI.ocx» file folder, right-click and choose «Include in Project.»
Now, you can double-click the clientapi.ocx file and it should prompt you to install the Component in your «ClientAPI.ocx» folder.
You will need to go to «C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0\v2.0.50727\Reference Assemblies\v2.0» and install the «ClientAPI.ocx» and «OLE Automation.»
ClientAPI is a Win32 ActiveX control. You can select the «ActiveX» control from the «Add New Item» dialog box and choose «ActiveX in VB» or «ActiveX in VB6».

Get ClientAPI Here:

Code in C++/C eea19f52d2


IBQueryEditor is a small simple application that helps with day to day execution of SQL scripts. A connection manager is provided to make it easy to work with multiple databases. The application supports multiple simultaneous connections and multiple simultaneous query executions using separate threads.
IBQueryEditor has been developed to work with older versions of InterBase (4.x, 5.x) as well as the later versions (6.x, 7.x) and 3rd party open source implementations such as Firebird (1.x).
Get IBQueryEditor and give it a go to see just how useful it can actually be for you!
A) Switch Documents
B) Set Varchar Column for Mixed Data Type to nvarchar
C) Choose the Name of the Query File
D) Choose the Name of the Connection File
E) Edit the Text File
F) Execute the Query File
G) Repeat A-E
H) Delete the Query File
I) Load Default Query File and Execute it.

Questions about SQLiteObjects

I have an application where I need to store settings that I need to be available to all threads. When an object is updated, I have to save that update for all threads. I have been researching to see if there was a singleton pattern that would work for my application. I think my requirements are different than those using singletons.

The database design is based on a single table to store individual settings that can be change from one thread to another. The value stored in the table is a string that represents an integer. When a setting needs to be changed, the string value needs to be converted to an integer. I believe this will require a different solution than the singleton pattern.

I have seen a few other solutions but they all seem a bit lengthy and complex for my needs.

I use SQLLite4 to access local databases on my computer. I tried to take a text file from the database to make it available on another computer. The file was over 1 GB and took around 30 minutes to load. Even then it would only load the first 1-2 hundred rows.

Have you ever used SQLite to access a database that is located on another computer? Does SQLite4 work better with a network database than a local database?

I have a table of account information for a single account. When I first connect, I store the userid (the primary key of the table