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KEYMACRO is a free, easy-to-use macro recorder for windows, designed for the needs of Internet application developers. It has an intuitive interface that requires only a few clicks to start recording. The application is…

This free and open source text editor for the Windows platform offers simple and powerful code writing and editing capabilities.

FLXFText is a Multi-language, Multi-platform Code Writing and Editing Tool for the Windows platform. It is developed to be a simple text editor with powerful code-writing and editing capabilities. FLXFText supports a wide variety of languages and offers a multi-platform architecture. Its aim is to become an integrated system for writing, editing and compiling code.

FLXFText is developed with java and C# in mind. It can be used as a simple text editor and also as a compiler. Compiled code can be run directly from FLXFText, or saved to files to be executed later.

FLXFText provides a plethora of features, among them:

* Powerful text editing, with tabbing and indentation support
* An advanced code generator with over 30 supported languages
* Code compiling features
* Support for open/save operations
* Ability to drag and drop text files into FLXFText
* Ability to connect to FTP sites to download source code
* Supports the project-like mode
* Ability to insert text documents

FlatColors is a free and open source collection of RGB color codes for both CSS and HTML. Using this library you can make colors in CSS and HTML.

FlatColors aims to be a complete and small library that will allow you to create powerful and elegant CSS and HTML documents.

FlatColors provides a full set of colors, namely:

* Primary colors
* Black
* Grey
* Faded
* Light and Dark
* Template
* Bright
* Strong
* Emphasized
* Primary accent
* Secondary accent
* Hint
* Body text
* Text
* Link
* Backgrounds
* Border
* Links
* Code
* Body text with background


* Flat colors are customizable
* You can write your own custom colors

The project is being developed as a tool that is open source and free. The code is developed and maintained in an open source environment. Developers are welcome to extend and improve FlatColors’ functionality. It is a monolithic 70238732e0

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* automatically convert any number of Office docs from a monitored folder into PDFs and images using all built-in conversion rules for most popular file formats.
* monitor your entire system in a matter of a few clicks to receive email notifications in case of any activity in the monitored folder.
* select the folder you would like to monitor with a convenient mouse gesture.
* configure general settings as well as rules for converting MS Office files and print them with a single click.
* monitor documents as they are created or modified.
* save/load monitor settings and even create your own unique monitor based on templates.
* monitor docx, xlsx, ppt, pptx, xls, csv files in a manner that is resistant to content changes.
* use your own (or third-party) printer to convert Microsoft Office files to PDF or JPG.
* monitor folders in a manner that is not affected by Microsoft Office security settings.
* monitor Office docx, xlsx, ppt, pptx, xls, csv files
C:\Program Files\FolderMill>FolderMill – Welcome to FolderMill version
The version of FolderMill is
Copyright (C) 2001-2016, HBT, Inc.

FolderMill is an intuitive piece of software that enables you to automatically convert all Microsoft Office files from a monitored folder into PDFs and images with the JPEG, TIFF or PNG format.
It offers support for a lot of handy options, such as email notifications, activity logging, and multiple conversion rules.
The installation procedure is fast and uncomplicated. The only notable aspect about it is that FolderMill offers to add an entry to the Windows autostart sequence, but this option can be disabled.
Modify general settings
At startup, you can configure general settings related to the maximum process time, default folder, log files location, maximum log size, date and time format, along with email alerts, SMTP server settings, and whether the FolderMill Process should run at Windows boot time or not.
Add new rules for converting or printing MS Office docs
The monitor must be able to follow user-defined rules. Therefore, you can create as many rules as you want, edit their names and input folder, write pass-through filters, as well as move the original input files to another location on the disk.
These rules can be put together separately for