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Take any clip board menu item and create a keyboard macro for it. Keymacro is a simple tool that lets you create keyboard macros for common menus and items.

Keycap Tools
For Keycap Utilities – The Ultimate Titlebar Plugin for Windows

Keymacro Description:
Take any clip board menu item and create a keyboard macro for it. Keymacro is a simple tool that lets you create keyboard macros for common menus and items. Just create a keyboard macro for any menu item and assign it to a hotkey, to quickly access it from any program.

What is a Menu Key?
All applications and software, running on Windows, can be customized to enable shortcuts, or menu items.

What is a Titlebar?
A Windows window can be customized to have a title bar that holds a title or a name for the window.

Titlebar Plugin Description:
All applications and software, running on Windows, can be customized to enable shortcuts, or menu items. A great problem with this is that, most of the time, the Windows and software developers are too scared to change things on the title bar.

What is a hotkey?
Hotkeys are combinations of keys that perform an action when pressed at the same time. Hotkeys are designed to speed up the use of your mouse or keyboard. Hotkeys are also useful when you are not looking at your computer, and they let you accomplish tasks with minimal effort.

What is a hotkey macro?

A hotkey macro is a method of assigning a sequence of keyboard keys to a single command. To build a hotkey macro, you drag the menu or tool to the left side of the screen, create the hotkey, and assign it to a hotkey sequence.

Hotkey Macro

Hotkey macro lets you quickly access menu items or tools.

What is a hotkey sequence?
Hotkeys can be created using hotkey sequences.

Hotkey sequence

Hotkey sequence allows you to create a hotkey sequence that assigns more than one hotkey to the same command.

Drag a menu or tool to the left side of the screen

A menu or a tool that you want to hotkey is now on the left side of the screen.

Create the hotkey

Click on the hotkey you created.

Assign the hotkey to a hotkey sequence

Use the hotkey sequence menu to create a hotkey sequence 384a16bd22

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W32.Rajump is a newly identified virus discovered by the international security firms, Kaspersky Labs and BitDefender. This virus is part of the large family of malwares called the bot-activity malware. This threat primarily spread via P2P network, namely BitTorrent and, more recently, through email and other attachments.
W32.Rajump possesses an unusually malicious behavior: even though it can spread using a number of well known distribution methods, it also generates key-loggers and registry-hijacking.
W32.Rajump is a newly discovered Malware and is considered a potentially dangerous threat. The most common actions performed by this virus are:
It will cause the following symptoms:
• File and folder lock up
• Slowdowns in computer performance
• Application and browser crashes
• Slow-downs or freezes of software
• Redirection to fake antivirus sites
• Slowdowns and blocked access to online banking, webmail, etc.
• Deceptive ads in browsers, opening spam links
• Redirection to misleading websites
• Malware such as browser-hijackers and adware
• Malicious files such as Adware, Trojan, Spyware, etc.
It can spread via USB, CD/DVD, email, web-browser and infected software.
Most often, W32.Rajump is not installed at the same time as the other malware. Instead, it is embedded in a fake driver or a virus-distributing software that infects another file. It is identified by the presence of the ‘Rajump’ file in the infected computer, usually in the %windir%\system32 folder.
W32.Rajump is an installer-type malware, meaning that it installs itself in a hidden directory where it can be found and executed. Some infected computers may show a fake anti-virus program or an error message that threatens to remove the anti-virus. The software is installed by a built-in application that looks like a legitimate driver or program.
Usually, infected computers are found via errors that are displayed in web browsers, by the presence of associated programs, or by the use of BitTorrent.
Removal of W32.Rajump will usually involve removing all the installed software that is infected by this virus.
A definite way to detect this type of malware is to examine the %windir%\system32 folder and %windir%\explorer

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