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UTILITYType: Data Processing ToolDescription: UPTIME is a command line utility that processes the machine’s event log to determine system availability and current uptime. The target system can either be the local system or a remote system.
No special privileges are required for basic operation although it is most accurate to run the tool under an administrative account. Many factors affect these calculations, and the results displayed by this tool should be considered estimates.
1. Sends specific log data to a text file or prints it to stdout.
2. Can use lm_info to determine the availabiltity and running status of a remote system.
3. Can be run on either local or remote system.
4. Reports running uptime and downtime in seconds or hours and minutes.
5. Can generate text reports in text or HTML format.
6. Can supply an optional command line argument to run an arbitrary system command on the remote system.
7. Can provide optional output to a text file instead of displaying it to stdout.
8. Can accept optional arguments that control the output.
9. Can accept optional arguments to supply a custom format to display the desired data.
10. Can produce a numeric data only output that is a simple percentage.
11. Can produce an output that is a simple average of the «on» time and the «off» time.
12. Can accept «on» time and «off» time values from a text file (one per line) or from the stdin (read from a keyboard).
13. Can accept a «off» time value from a text file that is different from the «on» time value.
14. Has a graphical version available for testing.
Software Comments:
This utility is the product of many years of experience in the network and security industries. It has been used in production and in the training of students of the program.
lm_info: The lm_info utility determines the availabilty and running status of a remote system, with the following report types:
Percentage of On-Time: [Percentage of time when the system is actively running]
Percentage of Off-Time: [Percentage of time when the system is not actively running]
Total System On-Time: [Total number of active running system seconds]
Total System Off-Time: [Total number of system off seconds]
Time Running: [Total number of eea19f52d2

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