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Simple, lightweight and nice to use
FileBot is a simple and easy software designed to work with your untidy thesaurus.
The software allows you to use a pre-defined dictionary and generate a file containing a list of synonyms for a particular word. So, in addition to offer a consistent look to your texts, you can use FileBot to extract correct word forms from misused words.
The software is easily understood and the menu-based interface allows you to load your 99d5d0dfd0

You can also add several parameters, e.g., URLs, using wildcards (*) and specifying hidden files with a question mark (?). Also parameters can be added using drag & drop.
Additionally you can also add a PDF document, Microsoft Excel document or any ANSI file as parameters. Clicking the «…» button on the «Add Parameters» dialog opens an extended dialog box.
With a few extra lines of code, the program can be launched with the double-click or »

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