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– A small utility designed specifically for helping you view the time and date displayed on your screen.
– It is a portable utility, so it won’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry.
– You can copy it on any USB flash drive or other devices, and take it with you whenever you need to use a simple clock and time management utility on the breeze, without having to go through installation steps.
– Minimalistic looks –
– The tool reveals the date and time in a grey rectangle. There’s no support for customization options in order to alter the looks of the application.
– Additionally, the utility lets you view the time of the alarm and its status (On or Off) in the main window. Everything is kept as simple and clear as possible, so there’s support for only a few configuration settings.
– Setting up an alarm
– Mini Desktop Digital Alarm Clock gives you the possibility to create a new alarm by specifying the time (in hours and minutes) and entering a user-defined text message that is displayed when the alarm is triggered.
– You may type in the text directly in the main panel or paste the information from the clipboard. Additionally, you can make the program remain on top of other windows.
– The lack of configurable settings makes it an ideal tool especially for less experienced users who don’t want to spend too much time configuring the dedicated parameters.
Download Mini Desktop Digital Alarm Clock by Manbai Software from Software Center.

ColorStroke is a simple and versatile PowerPoint alternative for customizing the color schemes of your presentations, reports, or other documents.
ColorStroke can easily be added to your PowerPoint menu from the bottom of the screen and works on Windows 7 and 8.
Using ColorStroke you can quickly and easily create your own color schemes of your choice and save it in a PowerPoint format. ColorStroke allows to switch among different color schemes and to import new color schemes from various sources, such as Pantone, swatches, and Photoshop color palettes.
* Create and import multiple different color schemes for PowerPoint presentations
* Quickly switch among different color schemes
* Automatically switch back to the original color scheme
* Apply a color scheme to a selected PowerPoint slide
* Import color schemes from various sources, such as Pantone, swatches, and Photoshop color palettes
* Export to various PowerPoint-compatible formats
* Export the current eea19f52d2

1) 75+ icons for RocketDock
2) 15+ icons for Bitrix24
3) 18+ icons for Wingdows
4) 5+ icons for Google Chrome
5) 20+ icons for Google
6) 13+ icons for Google Talk
7) 18+ icons for Gmail
8) 6+ icons for Slack
9) 7+ icons for Android Messages
10) 7+ icons for Facebook
11) 8+ icons for WhatsApp
12) 7+ icons for Twitter
13) 7+ icons for WeChat
14) 8+ icons for Skype
15) 7+ icons for Facebook Messenger
16) 5+ icons for Outlook
17) 8+ icons for Sailfish OS
18) 10+ icons for.NET
19) 14+ icons for All Cloud
20) 12+ icons for Evernote
21) 11+ icons for Ubuntu Software Center
22) 10+ icons for Wi-Fi
23) 5+ icons for Android
24) 4+ icons for Andriod Market
25) 4+ icons for Firefox
26) 8+ icons for 3D-models
27) 7+ icons for Cloud Storage
28) 5+ icons for Bitcoin
29) 8+ icons for Widgets
30) 6+ icons for Android Battery
31) 10+ icons for System Monitor
32) 7+ icons for Modem
33) 8+ icons for System Monitor
34) 7+ icons for Panel
35) 5+ icons for Graphene
36) 3+ icons for IOS
37) 7+ icons for iMac
38) 5+ icons for IOS
39) 7+ icons for Office
40) 8+ icons for IOS
41) 8+ icons for Files
42) 9+ icons for Photoshop
43) 8+ icons for Navigation
44) 7+ icons for Web
45) 7+ icons for USB
46) 10+ icons for Windows
47) 8+ icons for PDF
48) 7+ icons for Ubuntu Software Center
49) 6+ icons for Files
50) 4+ icons for Windows
51) 6+ icons for Computer
52) 6+ icons for iTunes
53) 10+ icons for Windows
54) 9+ icons for OSX
55) 8+ icons for Qt Creator
56) 7+ icons for Ruby on Rails
57) 5+ icons for Memory
58) 6+ icons for Android
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