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The web page where one logs in and logs out. eea19f52d2

• Compatible with other SEGA consoles: Sega Mega CD, Sega Game Gear, Sega 32X, Sega Master System, Sega SG-1000, Sega SC-3000, Sega Pico, Sega CD
• Has a portable mode, so it can be moved on an external USB flash drive to the target computer
• Has the capability of playing different file formats, such as SG, SC, MV, ZX Spectrum, and ZIP
• Contains a System Configuration Wizard
• Has the ability to change the scanline percentage, select NTSC standard, and store game sound
• You can configure hotkeys to take advantage of a faster navigation
• Has Game Genie
• You can play Netplay games, and if there is a server on the target computer it will automatically find it
• You can have the number of frames displayed
• You can export the game video streams to AVI
• Has the ability to save the game sound to WAV or VGM file format

When SEGA were firstly trying to make a «new look» console they got away with it. It was a good look and well done.
But as the years passed and people made «Mods» for their Genesis systems the SEGA consoles were slow in the move.
There are games that are pretty much unplayable with mods due to the SEGA consoles massive lack of protection for modded games and there were barely any fixes for them.
So how did this all happen.
It’s a simple premise.
SEGA were just old people who did not understand the internet.
They thought it was a safe place.
They thought that it was just kids and old farts hanging out on forums and stealing there friends profiles.
Well they were sadly wrong.
So a few dedicated kids with nothing better to do would go on the internet and destroy the systems that stole away their lives.
The Birth of Project Genesis
One day one of these kids had a great idea.
«Hey, lets come up with a SEGA Genesis mod that is almost as good as a SEGA Genesis».
It would be good to have a system that can run the classics and at the same time have mods like modern systems can have.
SEGA have finally found out what kids do on the internet, just a bit late.
Also this project was so great that they decided to make a system that is a little better then the SEGA Genesis.
They decided to make a SEGA Genesis clone called the Mega