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Dataweb Project is a java application that allows the creation of
* Databases
* Application
* Report
* Webservices
* Dataweb Objects
* Web Services
* Web Service
* Report
* Web Service
* Administration (Users, Services, Files, etc..)
* Web Service
The created database will be in binary form. After creating a database it is possible to create Tables, Views, Forms, Reports, etc.., those objects are generally intended to make the work of a user easy.
Every Table, View, Form, Report or webservice (on a separate package) will have a single id and an xsd schema. An object identifier will also be generated for the objects, this way it will be possible to retrieve the object from a datasource when it is needed.
All the objects of the system have a standard name they can be seen in the following diagram:
Dataweb Project Architecture
Dataweb Project is a client/server application, this way the client sends requests to the server the server processes it and returns the data to the client. The following components are available for the client:
* Installable with a browser
* Updatable (automatic updating)
* Interactive (mouse handling)
* Locales
* Keyboard shortcuts
* HTTP error handling
Dataweb Project has a number of clients and is able to handle a limited number of servers. In order to avoid server problems Dataweb Project periodically upgrades its clients. In any case a client can be suspended and when the connection is reestablished the client will start again without starting the server. This way the server can be stopped and started as needed.
Every object is uniquely identified in the system and has a number of parameters:
* xsd name
* database name
* url (location in the database)
* id (identifier)
There are three types of object that can be accessed through the applications (In the following diagram the left side shows the object from the database and the right side shows the object from the Webservices):
Dataweb Project – Dataweb Objects
* Dataweb Database
* Dataweb Webservices
Object permissions
An object can be marked with permissions that define who is able to manage the object and for how long.
Permissions can be set for all the objects or for a specific object. The rights can be granted to any user, group, or service. In order to