UC HEX Editor is a Hexadecimal Viewer for files and folders. It can show file and folder structure, and allows you to copy, move and delete files and folders quickly and easily. UC HEX Editor is fast and lightweight, and the app comes in two editions: Professional and Standard. The free version of UC HEX Editor is limited in many ways, while the other edition contains full functionality.
Import, Export and share files
UC HEX Editor allows you to import and export files and folders, including adding or removing them from the importing file. The program can display file and folder structure in various ways:
● HEX Tree
● Text Tree
● Folder Tree
● Binary Tree

Are there really any tricky questions in literature?

The way I see it, if a question has already been asked and answered before, it is just a rehashing of the answer. In other words, it is a question that might be asked to get a feel for what was already known and understood. And if a question is difficult enough for any reasonable person to answer, it is a «tricky question», whatever that means.
I am talking about literature questions here, and not mathematics. My question: Are there really any tricky questions that have not already been asked before, perhaps with a different answer that wasn’t obvious at the time, and that are difficult to understand, and even harder to answer?
If the question is off-topic, or if you have a problem answering the question, please specify so that we can take care of it.


I think that question is a bit more complex than the OP may think.
For example, take the question «If the Earth was composed of pure gold, what could you do with the gold?» It is hard to see how this question is the same as the question «If the Earth was composed of pure gold, what could the Earth do with the gold?». You might well think that both questions are worth asking. Indeed, they are.
Or take the question «If there was a river that only let flowers pass through, what could you bring back?» That is clearly much more complex than the question «If there was a river that only let flowers pass through, what flowers would it let through?» And yet, I don’t think it is silly to ask that question, and the answer to the question is interesting. eea19f52d2

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