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__Magazine «Boy» (Denmark,1970s – 1980s) – a magazine that promoted the most valuable things in life – FRIENDSHIP, BEAUTY and LOVE – NONE OF WHICH is promoted any more – today the media worship WAR, HATRED and UGLINESS, B 06 – 11 @iMGSRC.RU

The key mappings (key combinations) are very detailed and comprehensive.
You have the following key bindings:
– ESC: clear current selection and save changes
– CTRL + ALT + S: save current selection (or make it and exit)
– CTRL + ALT + H: set/save current position/location
– CTRL + ALT + W: forward word (left)
– CTRL + ALT + F: backward word (right)
– CTRL + ALT + U: undo
– CTRL + ALT + D: redo
– CTRL + ALT + R: replace current selection with the one on the clipboard
– CTRL + ALT + N: enter new line (aka new paragraph)
– CTRL + ALT + O: open file (a new document)
– CTRL + ALT + P: save as
– CTRL + ALT + I: show/hide icons in the statusbar
– CTRL + ALT + B: toggle bold mode
– CTRL + ALT + T: toggle italic mode
– CTRL + ALT + Z: toggle underline mode
– CTRL + ALT + C: toggle characters (hyphenation)
– CTRL + ALT + S: toggle soft wrap (auto indent)
– CTRL + ALT + S: toggle soft wrap (default indent)
– CTRL + ALT + Q: toggle start/end of line indent
– CTRL + ALT + K: hide cursor
– CTRL + ALT + M: set cursor position (left, right, beginning, end)
– CTRL + ALT + P: insert/delete tab
– CTRL + ALT + A: start autocomplete
– CTRL + ALT + E: exit autocomplete
– CTRL + ALT + U: up/down key
– CTRL + ALT + D: down/up key
– CTRL + ALT + H: select (highlight) text
– CTRL + ALT + R: toggle show/hide the selected text
– CTRL + ALT + G: show/hide the line numbers
– CTRL + ALT + O: show/hide the vertical line numbers
– CTRL + ALT + X: show/hide the tab names
– CTRL + ALT + U: toggle scrollbar
– CTRL + ALT + F: toggle fullscreen
– CTRL + ALT + T: toggle scrollbar
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⇒ A simple and intuitive software for enhancing text based titles.
⇒ A copy/paste tool that lets you paste text into a new text field or changes the text in an existing field.
⇒ A context sensitive help system that is based on macros.
⇒ A set of preset macros, which you can store in a library and share with your friends.
⇒ A dynamic editor that lets you modify your own templates.
⇒ A search field that lets you easily find macros in your library or the help system.
⇒ A preview of the text that will be inserted into your field.
⇒ Syntax coloring of text fields and text blocks.
⇒ Context sensitive help system that is based on Macros.
⇒ Full Unicode support.
⇒ Support for advanced features like multi-column and multi-page fields.
⇒ Unlimited text sizes and variable font sizes.
⇒ Zoom in and zoom out buttons.
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⇒ Save all the changes to the original document.
⇒ Find all the occurrences of a text in the document.
⇒ An easy access to global macros and to all the documents containing them.
⇒ A library of all the documents containing the macros and their structures.
⇒ Undo/Redo feature to allow you to change your mind.
⇒ An easy access to all the functions and to all the documents containing them.
⇒ A Library of all the macros and structures and their respective documents.
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