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– Kirin is a collection of MSI packages that can be used to package MSI files to be deployed to a target machine. It supports both the Launch, Hide, and Uninstall features.
– Kirin is implemented in C#.
– Kirin uses a «triggered» MSI to track the installation and take actions such as launching a program. This can be useful if the MSI needs to perform additional actions during the install.
– The MSI packages that are used to create the launcher and handle the custom MSI tasks are included in the MSI package as well.
– Because this is a triggered MSI, you can include a MSI that does not depend on the MSI that does the actual work. This allows you to have minimal package size but still have the ability to package MSI files for MSI.
– You can optionally put custom icons in the MSI. This will make it easy to distinguish the MSI from other MSI packages that have their own icon and you can have custom MSI packages.
– You can optionally have the MSI package to setup a service. You can use a third party MSI package to install the service and allow you to easily uninstall it.
– You can use the custom msi package to install the MSI that will do the actual work. In this scenario you can have both a custom msi and a trigger MSI in one MSI package.
– You can use the custom msi to remove the MSI package from the system. You could use a third party MSI package to remove the MSI package.

(*) For the launcher MSI package it’s a minimum requirement that the version of Windows has to be compatible with the program.
(*) The MSI package that is triggered by the launcher MSI package and installed the program must be compatible with the version of Windows that the launcher MSI package is for.

To use Kirin you should add the following to your MSI packages:
– Include the launcher MSI package in your MSI package.
– Include the MSI package that handles the custom tasks in the package that will do the work. This package can be the same MSI or a third party MSI package.

If you have multiple MSI packages that handle different features, the best way to handle this is to make one MSI package that has a group of packages that can be specified in the group field in the MSI. An example of this is the following:
– MSI Package A has the following groups in the installer:
* GroupA
* GroupB

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Use Keymacro to easily build installation scripts for MSI packages.
Integration with MSI:
You have to use a MSI project with the features and limitations of MSI. Keymacro, in contrast to other standard tools such as Setup-Packager, makes integration with MSI packages easy.
Keymacro can easily build MSI packages from a C/C++ application and a text file containing macro definitions.
Keymacro can work with the standard Windows Installer XML (WiX) files.
You can easily manage macros from a text file.
You can easily save and load macros from the clipboard.
You can set macros for each node in a structure.
Keymacro comes with a test tool that can run on any system and produce a MSI package.
You can easily integrate with MSI to allow users to select or create MSI packages.

How to manage resources in the ASP.NET website

I’m currently developing an ASP.NET website, in which there are several small resources, for example images that are loaded from a database or just static resources.
Each resource is placed in an easily identifiable folder, for example in a folder «images» there are the files «test_1.gif», «test_2.jpg» and so on.
When loading the website, the resources are requested in the following way:

This method seems pretty convenient to me, since it allows me to easily retrieve the resources. But what happens to the files when the user is redirected to a different page?
How can I prevent that the user can download the files from the website? Do I have to write code in the different pages that should be loaded in order to prevent the files from being downloaded? Or is there another more elegant solution?


Put them in a separate folder called «styles» or «images». Put a.htaccess file in there with the following text:

ForceType application/x-icon-128

You can find the correct file type from

Kirin Crack Activator

Kirin (formerly «Instalator») is a software package that helps administrators and users easily build MSI packages, for Windows.
This solution is easy to use, intuitive and extensible.

It is a powerful MSI (Windows Installer) builder and generator.
It can create installers from EXE and MSI sources.

It can configure the MSI and the install options and it will generate the MSI package automatically.
It also includes tools to build the MSI package with customizable options.
It allows to:
– Build MSI packages from EXE or MSI source files
– Generate MSI package files from the custom EXE and MSI source files
– Create and modify existing MSI packages
– Generate installation logs for logging the installation
– Generate install.log files
– Log the execution of the MSI package

Kirin has been bundled with new releases of the.NET Framework since 2.0.
As for 2.0 it is included in the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 SDK and redistributable MSIs from Microsoft are installed with the MSI package.

Kirin is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.0 or later.

For a detailed overview please refer to the documentation.
















Version history


Version 2.0

Supported platforms

Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8

Version 2.0.1

Supported platforms

Windows 8, Windows 8.1

Version 2.0.2

Supported platforms

Windows 7, Windows 8

Version 2.0.3

Supported platforms

Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8

Version 2.0.4

Supported platforms

Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8

Version 2.1

Supported platforms

Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows

What’s New In Kirin?

Developed for the Win32 platform, MSI 4 is a technology that allows you to create self-contained executable installers for Windows applications.  MSI 4 can be used to create custom installers that can install, uninstall, update and repair applications or to distribute software over the network.


The MSI 4 installer tool can be used to create MSI packages to install Windows applications. The MSI 4 installer is a powerful tool that can be used to create self-contained EXE files that can be redistributed and installed on other computers.


Please note that while the MSI 4 installer has most of the features required to create self-contained executables, you are welcome to use the MSI 4 installer in combination with other tools such as the MSI 5 . 

See Also:

IMPORTANT: If you use the MSI 4 to create MSI packages and distribute MSI packages with other tools, it is your responsibility to ensure that the MSI 4 package can be installed and uninstalled by the applications with which you distribute MSI packages.


The MSI 4 installer is available only for use on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.


The MSI 4 installer is available for download from the following locations:

Windows 2000/XP:
Windows NT 4.0:

System Requirements For Kirin:

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