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Kitaro Discography 48 Albums 19782010 [Extra Quality]


Kitaro Discography 48 Albums 19782010

A table of notable works written by Kitaro:

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Among the many albums and singles released by Kitaro, I would like to share a new album entitled «The 7th – Discography» (Blu-Ryuze, 2006). The discs have been released in a limited pressing of 500 copies.

Although Kitaro initially gravitated towards folk-oriented music in the mid-1970s, by the late 1990s he had gone back to his «old» style of slow, distorted, and noisy tracks, although he always added a bluesy touch to them. In July 2003, Kitaro announced that he had to take a break from the music scene, because he suffered from some malignancies that were fighting back. Kitaro announced on his website and in a press release that his doctor had requested him to take a break.

In the release he stated that his cancer was in remission.

After the break, Kitaro would return with new music and a new project. He is still under surgery and is still working hard and has also released two new albums in 2009 «Kitaro Presents Mi_ami Kitaro» and «The 8th – Discography».In one of the more surreal stories in modern cricket history, a Deccan Chargers player was dismissed for repeatedly running up to the umpire and begging for a caught behind decision. Even with a century on his CV, Sanju Samson was out of luck, and got deposed in the process.

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Kitaro Discography 48 Albums 19782010
Kitaro – Discography, 48 Albums (1978-2010) Premium Recordings Limited. Overlays: 48. 1. Kitaro – Discography, 48 Albums. (CHINESE) [KITARODISCOGRAPHY] [쿲㸢遻]. Ode.
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