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With Layer Tools the user interface is simple with three keyboard shortcuts and four toolbars:
Open Layers/Create Layers

Keyboard Shortcuts:

S: Scale to Fit
O: Rotate on X axis
P: Rotate on Y axis
I: Flip Y axis
R: Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise
U: Rotate 90 degrees clockwise
X, Y: Toggle rotate on X and Y axis respectively
T: Scale layer
E: Add to the Layer Stack

Layers Indicators:

Number of Layers
Number of Layer Pixels
Contents of the Layers Stack
Size of the Layers Stack
Height of the Top Layer
Height of the Bottom Layer

Layers Toolbars:

Tools menu:
Open Layers/Close Layer
Layer Modes:

None: 0
Auto: 1
Mask: 2
Curves: 3
Bucket Mask: 4
Lighten: 5
Dodge: 6
Burn: 7
Spill: 8
Darken: 9
Screen: 10

Layer Selection Tools:

Select: selects an area of any layer
Invert: inverts a selected area
Flip Y Axis: inverts the Y axis of the selected area
Flip X Axis: inverts the X axis of the selected area
Expand: expands a selection to any layer
Collapse: collapses a selection to any layer

Apply: applies a filter to all selected layers
Remove: removes a filter from all selected layers

Move Layers:

Select: selects an area of any layer
Move Up: raises a selected layer
Move Down: lowers a selected layer

Duplicate: copies a selected layer
To Lower: lowers a selected layer to the bottom of the layer stack

Duplicate/To Lower: copies a selected layer and lowers it to the bottom of the layer stack
To Raise: raises a selected layer to the top of the layer stack

Move/Duplicate: copies and lowers a selected layer
Paste: pastes the selected layer(s) into the layer stack
Grow: raises the selected layer(s) to the top of the layer stack

Layer Tools:

Add Layer: adds a layer to the layer stack
Duplicate Layer: copies a selected layer
Delete Layer: deletes a selected layer
Delete Layer Down: deletes a selected layer from

Layer Tools Crack+ Free PC/Windows

– One Button Solution
– Works on Any Layer
– 3D Vectors and Text
– Works on Keynote, PowerPoint, PDF and HTML/XML files
View demo:

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– Create 3D Assets from any Photoshop layer. (psd, png, jpeg)
– Move, Rotate & Scale multiple Photoshop layers at once.
– Add layer styles to 3D layers.
– Move, Rotate & Scale 3D images and 3D text.
– Add perspective to 3D objects
– Handle Photoshop layers as Photoshop “Layers”
– Rotate objects in 3D space. (on the x, y & z axis).
– Keeps you positioned on the top of 3D space.
– Will Adjust your perspective for you if your working on a DPI or viewing on a monitor that is different to your 3D file.
– Automatic save to X, Y & Z axis.
– Add tools to help work with layers that have been added via the push-pop method.
– A variety of custom actions that can handle layers.
– Save layers as psd, png, jpeg.
– Save 3D layers as psd, png, jpeg.
– Works with Keynote, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML & XML.
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Layer Tools Crack +

Layer Tools is a series of 3D plug-ins to facilitate 3D work with 3D layers in Adobe Photoshop.
The main function of Layer Tools is to create a virtual layer that is used for 3D purposes.
In other words, Layer Tools enables an artist to rotate and move 3D layers just as he would rotate and move 2D layers.
Layer Tools works by converting 2D layers to 3D layers.
Layer Tools is a collection of plug-ins. Please, select the file you wish to load.
Layer Tools Features:
Layer Tools was developed to support 3D animation.
It is a plug-in suite that allows you to have a Virtual Layer.
You can move, rotate and scale any layer in order to create a perfect match-frame.
Layer Tools is very easy to use and does not require any manual interface.
Layer Tools is designed for Adobe Photoshop CS3.

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What’s New in the Layer Tools?

Feature List:
Drag and Drop: You can have your layers create and layer in the 3D world. Drag and Drop was one of the big issues when moving layers between Photoshop and 3D programs. Layer tools solves it.
Rotate: You can rotate your layers without losing all your hard work. Layer tools does this for you.
Move: Moving your layers around is a problem for Photoshop. Layer tools solves the problem.
Zoom: Zooming in on your work is a problem for Photoshop. Layer tools solves the problem.
Scale: Scale your layers so that one layer is the same size as the other layers. Layer tools does this for you.
Scaling: Scale your layers from 100% to 1%. Layer tools does this for you.
Free Rotate: Rotating your layers right or left is a problem for Photoshop. Layer tools solves the problem.
Flip Horizontal, Vertical, 3D or Z-Axis: You can flip your layers without losing all your hard work. Layer tools does this for you.
Match Frame: If the 2D footage is perfect, it is usually a waste of time to make a 3D version of it. Layer tools solves this problem.
Transparent Layers: You can create transparency in your layers to remove the work done and move the the newest layers down. Layer tools does this for you.
Align: If you do not like where a layer is, you can move it around using the alignment tools. Layer tools does this for you.
Magic: Magic lets you see how your layers work together, it makes layer math easy.
Filter: With filter you can unify your layers, or make them look like everything else.
Stacking: Layer tools can stack your layers and keep them aligned.
Lens Blur: If you have ever tried to make a 3D version of someone’s head, you know how hard it is to make the back of their head look like their face. Lens Blur makes it easy.
Lens Flare: Lens Flare makes it easy to add a 3D object in a photo or a design.
Crop: Crop is a problem for Photoshop. Layer tools solves the problem.
Stitch: Stitch lets you bring 3D objects from Photoshop and layer them in to the 3D world. Layer tools does this for you.
Scripts: With scripts, you can create your own tools using Photoshop’s Script Editor, and with a click of

System Requirements For Layer Tools:

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP/8/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.4Ghz or better (Hyper-Threading Support)
Memory: 4GB
Hard Disk: 20GB
Video Card: Nvidia 9800 GTX or ATI HD 4870 512 MB or better
Screen Resolution: 1024×768
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible sound card with Windows Audio.
DirectX: DirectX 9.0 compatible