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Youtube Bot V3.1 (Subscribers, Likes, Views)


Youtube bot (Youtube Bot View).Make money by Views Youtube.Buy youtube subscribers likes views.

Youtube bot (Youtube Bot View).Make money by Views Youtube.Buy youtube subscribers likes views.
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Youtube bot (Youtube Bot View).Make money by Views Youtube.Buy youtube subscribers likes views.
Buy youtube subscribers likes views[Video] IWonIWonYT bot – Youtube Bot V3.1 auto comments bot | L2W | #bOT.One of the benefits of being a CNN reporter is that you are required to at least pay lip service to the concept of being fair and balanced. If you can’t be nice to the left-wing side of the political spectrum then there’s not much incentive to be a journalist or to behave like a journalist.

But all too often we see journalists not just being biased, but apparently mischievous and dishonest. Like this example we ran last week of how some in the media deliberately destroy the reputation of political opponents.

After U.S. Navy SEAL Carl Higbie was defeated by Democratic strategist Lauren Greene in the GOP primary to be a judge in the 2016 Florida Supreme Court race, what did the media do? They went after the Republican’s wife, who had no control over whether her husband got the nomination or not. They created the impression that she somehow supported her husband’s candidacy for a judgeship on the Supreme Court of Florida.

This wasn’t based on any evidence. None. There was no evidence of any wrong doing by the Higbie family. But the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Atlantic and other sites and outlets published a torrent of attacks against the Higbie’s for months and in some cases years.

It’s as if they were psychically possessed by a rogue hack with a vengeance. Here are just a few examples of how the mainstream media tried to destroy the reputation of the Higbies:

“High-profile Republican woman divorcing her husband who is on a state supreme court nominating committee to replace Justice Barbara Pariente, who is retiring.” “[Carl] Higbie’s wife, Kelly, is now the subject of a “doghouse scandal.”


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