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It incorporates unique graphical modelling capabilities and hence does not require the detailed knowledge of FEM techniques.
In ‘Exploring Solutions using Noether’s Theorem’, we show the importance of Noether’s theorem in developing 3D FEM based models. One of the main applications of this tutorial is to develop and use
Noether’s theorem to calculate displacements, strains and shear forces. The Differential Equations of Solid Mechanics approach has a disadvantage in creating the problem statement that
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Nuxt.js: Use axios.get via helper on cusom hook

EDIT: The accepted answer turned out to not work for me when I tried it. I had to use the first suggested strategy which is encapsulated by the await function directly.
Using React, Redux, Nuxt.js for Vue.js
I’m looking for a way to use axios.get in a custom hook (custom-axios) I want