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Rails 4.2 + CoffeeScript: How to redirect?

I am following a tutorial for set up CoffeeScript and Rails 4.2.
All OK, I can actually use CoffeeScript.
Now it is the demonstration of actions I can’t use.
I want to redirect, but I can’t do that.
get ‘/’ do
# @form = Form.find_by_id(params[:id])
redirect to ‘/thefolder/showform?id=id’
# redirect to ‘/thefolder/showform?id=id’

I tried redirect to, but I am getting a NoMethodError

undefined method `find_by_id’ for nil:NilClass
# == form_show.rb ==============================================================
# A form demonstrates the controller, model, view and routing that has been
# built to support a Ruby on Rails framework.

class FormDisplay
# The id of the form to display. Can be named anything.
# Change this to a route such as ‘/user/1’
attr_accessor :id

# Constructor method that runs when object is instanced
# This will look up the id from the params hash
def initialize(attributes={})
attributes[:id] = params[:id]

# Called by the model controller when the id of the form is determined
# Define the instance variables here
def init
@form = Form.find(id)

# Called from the view controller
# Calls the model controller
def display
@form = Form.find(id)

# Called from the model controller
# Redirects user to the show page of the form record
def update
if @form.update(params[:form])
redirect to ‘/thefolder/showform?’
render :action => ‘edit’


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