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Meigs And Meigs Accounting 9th Edition Pdf Download ((FULL))

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Meigs And Meigs Accounting 9th Edition Pdf Download


Particular attention is paid to management accountants. Now they can «see» and «hear» production processes and quickly respond to requests for changes in regulations or process optimization. From now on, they clearly know how many hours a day and in what form their sales support team should work, what their employees should check at the launch stage, who should be consulted to optimize business processes, etc.
This module allows you to create a knowledge base about the company, which already includes the necessary management and production reports. You can quickly get acquainted with the results of the implementation of plans, analyze their status and make the necessary decisions.
Companies have new opportunities for effective communication.
New opportunities in the field of communication can be introduced using modern integration and communication technologies.
Today it is impossible to imagine an electronic document management system without integration with the existing CRM system. However, at the moment, many organizations use the 2005 version of CRM 2.0 in their information economy.
Meanwhile, the CRM system must be fully functional. CRM is an information complex that requires constant work on modernization and development. This module implements the possibility of integration with the system of electronic business documents. Thanks to this, a business order placed in CRM becomes an accessible electronic document that can be sent to you in any convenient way (verbal, facsimile, electronic). Thus, you can immediately see at what stage your order is.
The new module provides full integration with the ERP system (ERP – Enterprise Implementation Management System). Thanks to this approach, you do not need additional software for ERM to work. All data from CRM will be duplicated in SAP BW and will be stored in the accounting system.
The new system implements work with electronic documents: receipt of an order, its fulfillment, rejection, return, calculation of deviations, status change, profit calculation, debiting an invoice, invoice, etc.