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There are several ways of communicating ideas and feelings to other people and those who use instant messaging applications on a regular basis are exploiting many of them at once. Besides the verbal and written messages, using a live webcam or lots of emoticons and smileys can sometimes be more eloquent.
Since there are numerous dedicated software solutions for chatting in various ways, the add-ons, plugins and other types of enhancements come in great numbers to satisfy the diverse needs of the countless users.
Those who are well familiarized with Yahoo Messenger! know also that this app’s default feature set can be enriched through various methods. A very simple and quite nice method is provided by Moods Yahoo Avatars, which aims to facilitate the imparting of feelings through images.
The package consists of a small collection of JPG pictures that illustrate each a different emotion and can be incorporated as moods in Yahoo Messenger! in order to let everyone know how the person using them feels.
The range of emotions captured as funny drawings covers a wide range of feelings anyone can go through at a certain moment. The highly expressive images include moods like happiness, boredom, love, depression or sickness. There are also some representations that one can use when hungry, sleepy, naughty and even drunk.
Using the pictures that are art of this collection is up to each user because there is no installer nor any other automated means of pushing them inside a Yahoo Messenger! folder so the program can offer users the possibility to pick them from a certain menu.


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Moods Yahoo Avatars Crack + Free PC/Windows

This is a very small add-on that can be easily installed in any version of Yahoo Messenger! with no problems at all.

Each of the pictures is represented by a JPG file for users who can extract all of them from the package.

The pictures can be used as moods in Yahoo Messenger! since they are located inside a special folder that is recognized by this instant messaging software.

At first users must proceed by choosing its own folder where all the pictures should be saved and accessed from.

A small folder named Moods Yahoo Avatars has been created in the %Programfiles%\Yahoo directory so users will find the pictures inside it.

The package consists of 30 pictures in standard JPG format.

The icon of Moods Yahoo Avatars is located inside the folder that it comes installed.

As long as the pictures are inside a certain folder, the appropriate options will be accessible from the main menu.

The user can choose to view the pictures, to download them in one zip file or to choose any other method.

Once the pictures are saved inside a directory, users can delete or move them by right-clicking on them.

Installing Moods Yahoo Avatars

Downloading Moods Yahoo Avatars Package

Extract the zip file in the directory that includes the moods or inside a non-moving folder that is dedicated for the purpose. The pictures will be inside the folder that they were extracted to.

Next time when users want to use one of the moods, they will need to open a Yahoo Messenger! application, choose the settings menu and go to «Show» or «Appearance» and select «Emoticon». There, a scrolling list will appear in which users can see the pictures that are provided by the app.

To open the folder where the pictures are located, users have to move to the «Moods Yahoo Avatars» sub-menu, check it and then double-click on the folder icon.

As an alternative, users can right-click on it and choose «Open folder» to open the folder.

While this add-on can be moved to any folder, it is recommended that it be saved inside the %Programfiles%\Yahoo directory where the online instant messaging software is installed.

Some of the pictures in the add-on were made by some of the administrators of the MySpace Network.

Running Moods Yahoo

Moods Yahoo Avatars License Code & Keygen [Mac/Win]

The curious cases are those who use the Yahoo Messenger! default emoticons and other features to send and receive emoticons, smileys and flash animations. There are a lot of free and paid add-ons with the same intent and then there are people who use the various instant messaging services by copying some of the default features of one of these in another service.
The purpose of the Yahoo Messenger! add-ons Winks and Smiley’s is simple, providing an interface to a folder that is installed on the hard drive where all the images are kept, which can be named with the same name as the folder where they are saved.
Yahoo Messenger! Winks is a set of JPG images that have been designed with the intent of replacing the default User ID and other such icons and can be used alone or as part of a group.
The package comes with a total of nine images of different themes and the total number of emoticons can reach more than 200 thanks to the space provided to each of them.
The idea is to get the system to simulate the emotional aspect of the corresponding smiley or emoticon in whichever way it is used to imitate a person’s mood. The pictures are stored in a folder named Yahoo Messenger! Winks, so they can be downloaded for free and used directly by users within the application.
Yahoo Messenger! Smiley’s also has the same purpose as it comes with an alternative set of avatars that can be added to the User ID’s folder within the system and which can be used when the person is online.
Although it might sound like a really rare and unusual way of adding visual elements, it is, and the reason for it is simple. It can be used as a substitute for the «i» emoticon of the contacts list where you can click the relevant icon to send your unique style of telling someone how you feel.
Yahoo Messenger! Avatars will not affect your system in any way and can be used without any risk of harm or damage.
Yahoo Messenger! Avatars Requirements:
As stated before, the package includes a folder that can be named in order to be associated with the Winks and Smiley’s folders found inside the Yahoo Messenger! client folder, and then to be installed on the hard drive of the client system.
There is no installer to be downloaded and no automatic mechanism for putting the pictures inside the user’s folder inside the program and making them available to the user, who can select them from

Moods Yahoo Avatars With License Key

The free version of Moods Yahoo Avatars is the first step you’ll need to take if you want to make full use of the feature. If you’d like to see even more impressive and creative moody avatars, this is the add-on you need.

The desired mood is one of the options you’ll need to choose when adding this Moods Yahoo Avatars Add-On to your Yahoo Messenger! program. Just about any setting is possible but for a fast start and an easy usage of the program you can make use of the default options. There is a limit of 5 moods per account and if you need more, you can be obliged to upgrade to the professional version for a fee of $9.95. The choice of the pictures to be displayed is up to you and you’re free to use any image from your computer or the Internet.

To use the free version, you’ll have to update the add-on with the latest available version. After this, the Moods Yahoo Avatars menu will appear in your Yahoo Messenger! settings and you can select the mood from the pop-up menu. Once you are finished, the next time you start your Yahoo Messenger! program, the moods will be displayed as moody avatars.

A great shareware solution that is worth every single penny is called Digimess and it offers a set of emoticons you can use to communicate with other people on your computer or on the Internet.
Those who are familiar with the Internet and its funny and mild way of communication will recognize the wide variety of emoticons contained in the package. These emoticons include various birds, dogs, fish, cars and even spaceships. There are also various symbols indicating the mood of the sender and many items that refer to older culture or even certain professions.
Any of the free emoticons you use can be copied to the clipboard and pasted inside your own messages without the help of any further tools. The variety of pictures to choose from ensures that you’ll find the perfect one for every occasion.
The program works both on Windows and on Apple operating systems. The size of the package is only 1.5 Mb and you can get it for the minor price of 1$.
Digimess Description:

The free version of Digimess is good enough to use. With so many emoticons to choose from, people without a lot of money on their hands can still be able to communicate their feelings in a positive way.

The paid

What’s New in the Moods Yahoo Avatars?

– Easily expresses your moods in Yahoo Messenger!
– Assign moods to photos and use them with your Yahoo Messenger! account
– Use various moods: happy, sleepy, sad, tired, bored, loving, single and others.
– Contains various moods that you can choose from.

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