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You can record keyboard presses and play them in desired sequence. You can use macros for common operations such as cut/copy/paste, paste in next line, enter a URL, open a file, open a folder, insert or move a selected item, or perform several operations in a sequence. KEYMACRO can save all your favorite keyboard sequences, so that you can use them in different computers.
Easy Music:
Create and store music in your PC by dragging and dropping audio files from a folder. Now you can work on your music from any place, and listen to it at any time.
Easy Letter:
Type text in a language of your choice.
Easy Artwork:
Drag and drop images, patterns, text or anything else in your document to create beautiful designs.
Note: Easy Album Photo Manager supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. We are always working on our application in order to bring it up to date with the newest versions of the operating system.
Smart USB Manager
Auto-recognize and make your most frequently used drives available in the Start menu and in the context menu of your drives.
Support for new Drives
Instantly add your external drives to Windows Explorer or System Explorer, and show and work with them directly in the Start menu.
An easy-to-use context menu on drives. Automatically detects what actions you want to take and sets the best default options for each action.
The context menu is active when you highlight the drive in Windows Explorer or the «more options» button in System Explorer. You can see the context menu when you right-click a drive or select the «More options» or «Properties» button in the taskbar.
Grouping drives with the same purpose
Your drives can be grouped in groups by several common features, such as manufacturer or operating system.
You can rearrange groups or change the names of the groups.
You can use the context menu for drives in any group to run commands that you want.
You can use the context menu to manage each drive separately.
For example, you can open a folder on a drive, copy files from the drive to another folder, change permissions or format the drive.

SurfPosting is a fast and free alternative to SpamAssassin and open source email submission software. SurfPosting is free, open source, and a fast alternative to SpamAssassin.
The tool acts as a proxy to your email server d82f892c90

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Prints the vertex, edge and surface information of a graph.
/spinify -i input.txt -g input_graph -t temperature -m measurement -o output.txt -b bg -s surface
-a operation -f name -r name -b node -s edge -n force -w edge -c closest -l closest_in
-d edge_weight -k edge_weight -n node_weight -o angle
-j angle -r weight -o weight
Default Algorithm Options:
The parameters for the default algorithm are displayed in the next table.
Algorithm Options:
Parameter Name:
Default Value:
Taken from:
Error Threshold:
Threshold used for error detection.
If the error measured by the simulation is above the value specified in the «Error Threshold» parameter, an alert will be generated and execution will continue.
If you want to enable alert generation just modify the «Error Threshold» parameter and leave the «Alert On Errors» to «Yes».
Error Detection Mode:
1: «No» : No alert will be generated, execution will continue and errors will not be detected.
2: «Trace» : The error will be written to the log file for later analysis.
3: «Report» : The error will be reported to the user and a user prompt will be displayed and execution will not continue.
4: «Immediate» : The program will terminate immediately and the reason for the termination will be displayed in the log file.
5: «Error On Fixed» : The error will be fixed immediately.
6: «Never» : The program will terminate immediately and the reason for the termination will be displayed in the log file.
Default Operation:
This parameter can be set to any of the 6 available operations.
1: «Respect» : The operation will be respected. If the operation is not available, the program will terminate.
2: «Force» : The operation will always be executed.
3: «Deselect» : The operation will be applied if the selected vertex does not have any neighbours selected.
4: «Deselect All» : The operation will be applied to all vertices.
5: «Select» : The operation will be applied to all vertices selected before.
6: «Deselect Selected» : The operation will be applied to all vertices