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> Provides full webmail access
> Minimalist approach to design
> Only one account configuration is allowed
> Only one application instance can be running
> No web browser features
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What’s the difference between «kostenlos» and «kostenfrei»?

What’s the difference between «kostenlos» and «kostenfrei»? I’m not sure why kostenlos isn’t used more often.


«Kostenfrei» means «totally free»/»unlimited»; I would have guessed it meant «without charge»; «kostenlos» just means «free» without specifying the concept of «at a cost».
You see the distinction in the following examples:

Mein Auto ist kostenlos zu kaufen.
Mein Auto ist kostenfrei zu kaufen.


«Kostenfrei» would be your very short answer, but not the best answer.
«kostenfrei» means that the commodity is free without any costs involved.
«kostenlos» just means that the user gets free without being obligated to pay (if at all) for it. It does not say that the commodity is free from any charges.

Die besten Filter-Techniken fĂĽr jede kostenlos eigene
Firma-Website sind…


The most effective filter techniques for every self-run company website are…

Note: «kostenlos» means not obligated to pay. «kostenfrei» means free from any costs.
Other examples:

Jeder Mitglied im Chat-Team ist erforderlicherweise kostenfrei
und kostenlos zur VerfĂĽgung.
Der Spielturm ist fĂĽr Besucher kostenlos und kostenfrei zu besuchen.


Every member of the chat team is needed to be free from any costs/obligations.
The castle is free and open for visitors.

«Kostenfrei» and «kostenlos» are used almost interchangeably, meaning «free» or «free from

My Mail 2022

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Empower Your Multi-Device with These Top Multimedia Apps for iOS and Android

Virtual assistants and voice control are very useful in today’s fast-paced and hectic life. We are always on the run, hustling to make sure we meet deadlines, and other important tasks. Although we all have become very dependent on technology, we still remain human enough to need reminders, a little encouragement, or just a personalized touch when it comes to using technology.
As such, the rise of the virtual personal assistant has been a natural progression. With the help of AI technology, today’s tech-savvy users can perform many tasks they used to do manually, using the help of their smart mobile device. Here is the list of five best virtual personal assistants for Android and iOS.
Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant and was launched in September 2016. It is a part of the Google Allo app, but is activated when users send someone a text, or converse through the Google Assistant app or the voice command section. Google can read out pre-recorded messages, send recommendations, and perform other actions using a variety of services or apps.Google Assistant Review — A No-Questions-Asked Assistant

Google is a huge name in this business of speaking to computers, and Google Assistant is a significant part of the Google Allo app. After being opened, Assistant can be trained to listen for specific keywords or events and provide content and services. In addition to text, voice, and visual input, Google Assistant can be trained to use Google Lens to identify and recognize images, objects, landmarks, and other people.

As a virtual personal assistant, Google Assistant is able to do a lot of things. Some of these things include:

The virtual personal assistant can read out pre-recorded messages, send recommendations, make calls, listen to music, and control home appliances.

Apple’s Siri and other virtual assistants used in similar ways are well-documented, but Google’s virtual assistant works differently.

Although it is a functional virtual personal assistant, it is a limited one, with only eight skill sets and being available in the USA only.

Siri only supports American English, but Google Assistant can support English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Moreover, this feature is also part of the Allo app.


My Mail Crack

Provides access to email accounts from different providers with a customized interface.

8: Smart Button 2.0 (Free)

The Smart Button app is a contact manager that not only manages contacts, but integrates them with social networks. It features a drag and drop interface, supports multiple accounts and integrates with the clock widget.
How it works
The Smart Button app works with a variety of social networks, including: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn and Yahoo!. It allows you to drag and drop contacts from your phone’s Address Book, Gmail or Yahoo! contacts into the application, and have them connected to these networks.
The interface is pretty clean and minimalistic. It features a classic list view, where all social accounts are listed and lets you see your data in a compact form. There’s also a panel that can be arranged into four presets: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Flickr. The color and size of the icons change depending on the account type.
You can add new contacts from these networks using the menu in the top right of the application, which lists the options you have: “Add Account” and “Add Contact”. You can also import contacts from your Address Book or the Internet.
The application supports multiple accounts and tags, letting you categorize contacts into different groups. You can set up the clock widget to launch the application when you login into a selected account, and it will present you with all contacts for that account, in the order they were added into the application.
There’s support for quick contacts, which lets you add people to a list without leaving the application. You can also sync these lists with the contact list of your phone, and sort them by your needs. The application also lets you share contacts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Flickr, using the corresponding menu.
In addition, you can export contacts to a list of contacts or CSV file, and send via email, SMS or a data connection. The contact list also supports editing, including email addresses and phone numbers.
Limitations and errors
This is a free application, so it’s expected to have some limitations. For example, you can only add contacts from one account. However, this shouldn’t be a problem, as you can always add them into your phone’s contact list and access them via the appropriate contact.
The bug that our tests were based on was that a selected contact was not automatically added to the contact

What’s New in the My Mail?

Emails are now a common thing, and chances are you own more than one account, given the variety of different providers. A common method to access your account is via web browsers, but there are other applications, such as My Mail that want to deliver the whole experience directly to your desktop. Visually appealing and easy to use On the visual side of things, the application stores all of its features in a pretty clean interface, with almost all of the space dedicated to your personal email account. All functions are triggered from a small menu that can be placed in one of several preset locations. A neat advantage is that the application isn’t based on a specific email service, with the possibility to access just about any provider you normally would via a web browser. However, you can only configure one account, but you can run more instances of the application at the same time, although you need to configure the new one each time. Can access regular web pages In fact, My Mail is nothing more than a custom-made web browser that takes you to a specific page, but tries to trick you into writing down an email provider. Thus, you’re free to launch any website, but there’s little to no reason to do this, considering there aren’t any navigation buttons. What’s more, it doesn’t support all types of content, with a high chance to result in a crash. The application can also be minimized, which makes it go directly to the system tray. The corresponding icon lets you open the panel, and even shows if there are new items, but only on mouse over. Sadly, there’s no built-in notification system, so unless you manually check your inbox, you’re not alerted. In conclusion All things considered, we can safely state that My Mail comes with good intentions and wants to be just the right email desktop client. Sure enough it can take you to any of your providers, with the possibility to perform all regular operations, but the lack of a proper notification system has a considerable impact on overall practicality.

Game Empire – «Give your favorite game a good start and grow it»
Game Empire is a social community and information portal for game developers, publishers, and the game industry as a whole.
We created Game Empire with the aim of promoting the game industry and gaming as a whole.
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System Requirements:

Storage: 2 GB available space.
Intel® Pentium® IV 2.4GHz Processor or equivalent.
1 GB of RAM.
Windows 7, Vista or XP.
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