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Neo Reverb is a simple to use and well designed plugin that enables you to add a reverb effect to your audio output in a simple and comprehensive manner.
It features innovative Cascade True Stereo technology, as well as a modulation system that allows users to reach a new area of dynamic sound.
With over 40 depth controls for the reverb and more than 130 algorithm IRs you are able to sculpt the audio until you obtain the desired effect.









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The great plugin for all your reverb needs!
Neo Reverb Torrent Download has been designed for professional use only. It offers 40 or more reverb effects with advanced controls.
Neo Reverb uses the new Cascade True Stereo technology (i.e., companding) which is very efficient in decompression, and it also offers the possibility of adding parallel processing on the reverb unit.

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Neo Reverb Crack+ Serial Number Full Torrent X64 [April-2022]

Neo Reverb Crack is a simple to use and well designed plugin that enables you to add a reverb effect to your audio output in a simple and comprehensive manner.


Cascade is a feature that allows you to simulate the reverberation of the sound by having the sound bounce several times through the reverb effect.
You can select the number of repeats that your sound will bounce.
This is achieved by setting the «Reverb Size» parameter, which is located in the Reverb Controls panel.

True Stereo
Neo Reverb Full Crack features innovative Cascade True Stereo technology, as well as a modulation system that allows users to reach a new area of dynamic sound.

Neo Reverb allows you to create a soft and spacious sound, with the sound bending and bending more than the traditional mono reverb effects.

The most innovative and flexible features found in Neo Reverb are the modulation system and the IRs (IRs = IR (Impulse Response) Filters).

The IRs are filters that respond to the frequency of the sound.

With IRs you can:

Reverb or not Reverb. The Reverb effect works by adding gain to the sound.
The sound that comes out of the IRs is reflected back. The IRs change the way the sound travels through the reverb effect and that creates a new shape to the sound that you can control with the modulation system.

The IRs are based on the response of the real physical objects that were used to simulate the effect.

IRs have one or more slopes, and by changing the number of slopes, you change the frequency response of the IRs.

There are in total 130 IRs in Neo Reverb that you can use, each one with one or more slopes.

The Reverb effect works by adding gain to the sound.
In the Reverb Controls panel you have 40 Reverb controls that will help you control the IRs that you will use in the modulation system.

Neo Reverb features innovative modulation system that allows you to take your sound to a new level.

You can control the modulated sound with knobs and buttons.

The modulated sound will slowly stop bending as you go farther from the center, until it finally stops bending, with this control system.


Neo Reverb Crack

Neo Reverb takes all the functions that other Reverb plugins have, and has refined them into a simple and integrated plugin.
With Neo Reverb you can get the best possible reverb effect for your songs at any cost.

Reverb plugins are generally difficult to use and require a lot of know-how and experience.
This one, on the other hand, is easy to use and well designed, so there are no issues for the average user.
You simply select the kind of sound that you want from the presets and you are ready to go.
In the form of seven presets, there is just enough to get a good start.

Thanks to its Design 2.0 you can easily edit the project file with the help of a project manager and also create your own presets or save and load your own presets.
In addition to this you also have the option to choose from multiple modulation sources.
All the settings can be easily adjusted with the help of an easy to use interface that is highly optimized and with a button for each parameter.

If you need a simple but effective reverb plugin with a good user interface and modern technology, you should download Neo Reverb.

Key Features

Cascaded Stereo and IR by Doppler method

Classical resonance chambers

3 sizes of room decay

3 positions of delay

5 sizes of reverb decay

Modulation for reverb decay, resonance and room size


Modern and optimized interface

Cascade true stereo

Room decay

Reverb room size

Reverb decay

Reverb delay

Reverb modulation

Reverb Decay IR

Reverb Decay IR mod

Reverb Decay IR mod mod


Check the manual for full specifications, installation and use.

You can listen to Neo Reverb in action here (Windows Only)

Because our plugins are optimized for high quality playback you need to enable hardware acceleration to enable the best experience for Neo Reverb

Please note that Neo Reverb does NOT include any sample content so if you want to use it for any kind of sample playback please make sure that you activate the required licenses.

Step by step tutorials for all technical aspects

Each parameter is detailed in this video tutorial to show you how to use Neo Reverb

Neo Reverb is a simple to use and well

What’s New in the Neo Reverb?

A collection of ultra-high quality reverb plugins for any genre of music. We have carefully selected a set of unique IRs, all recorded in an analog studio in the Netherlands.


• The classic reverb, slow & large or aggressive & soft
• The famous reverse reverb
• The reverse reverb with space as main sound color
• Panoramic reverb using the wave & decay controls
• The modulation reverb that uses the modulation control to shape the reverb
• The dry reverb with two different IRs, an aggressive one and a soft one
• Preload the plugin to get it up and running right away


• MacOS 10.7 or higher
• Windows 7 or higher
• VST/RTAS and DirectX

• IRs using Radiohead’s Rooneter.p24 are included in the ZIP file.
• An IR and a reverb plugin will work in any DAW.

Greatly improved workflow

If you liked the previous version of neo-reverb, you will probably like this new version.

First of all, we have changed the user interface (UI) of the plugin, and we have made it much more user-friendly.

The reverb plugin is now split into 4 different plugins, and the UI has been divided into 4 distinct parts.

The upper part of the UI is used for the main controls of the plugin.

The lower part of the UI is used for the options menu.

A new tab is added to the options menu that contains all the info of the plugin.

The 3rd part of the UI contains the list of IRs (Instant Reverbs).

The 4th part of the UI is used for the file list.

I will be working on the new version of neo-reverb on a regular basis, because I use it every day.

We have already uploaded a new version, and you can download it from the links below:

I will try to upload it here, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.

New features:

• A new tab has been added to the options menu that is used for the new parameters of the plugin.

• We have added a preset manager that allows you to save up to 3 presets.

• We have added a new menu called «standard» that contains all the built-in IRs of neo-reverb.

• We have added a new parameter called «high quality stereo». This is the reverb that you hear at Abbey Road Studios, and it has an extra level of detail.

• A new parameter called «normal stereo». This is the reverb that is used in most other reverb plugins, and it is really easy to control.

• We have added a new parameter called

System Requirements For Neo Reverb:

OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 1280 x 800 resolution, 32-bit color
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible sound card with the following requirements:
Sound: Microsoft Sound Board or equivalent device
Speakers: 5.1 sound system with 5