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NITRO is a full-fledged, extensible library specially designed to enable you to read and write National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) files, a U.S. Department of Defense standard format.
The application is written in cross-platform C, with bindings available for other languages (among which C++, Java, Python).







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For over 15 years, NITRO was developed and developed by SRI (now part of Google) and its main emphasis has been the development of a library and application which deliver a consistent, reliable and extensible NITF reader/writer framework.
The Android version integrates all NITRO features.
NITRO’s main software package, NITRO Advanced NITF Viewer (NAV), provides a generic library and runtime, allowing programs to read and write NITF files in a compatible manner.
The combination of NAV and NITRO allows you to develop applications for all android devices, such as mobile phones, tablet and smartphones with Android (3.0+) OS.
* Cross-Platform* Compatibility between Android and iOS, NITRO is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
* Complete solution* NITRO Advanced NITF Viewer provides a reader and writer library and a runtime, allowing programs to read and write NITF files, allowing you to develop applications and provide the best tool for viewing NITF files.
* The best driver* NITRO offers the best user experience on all android devices. With numerous use cases, best reading performance and movie quality, NITRO provides a more professional reading and writing tool for professionals and amateurs alike.
* Robust and stable* NITRO is an open source project with a robust source code that is continuously maintained and tested. NITRO is widely used in the library ecosystem, working in more than 350 universities and academic institutions.
* Supported system* NITRO supports Android, iOS, and more. For each platform, there is an Android NITRO driver which runs on compatible devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). This driver provides full support for the operating system. As well as Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.
* Memory safe* NITRO is memory safe, allowing you to access data even when the system is low on memory.
* Free to use* NITRO is free to use and does not require personal information.
Please contact us if you wish to obtain the developer version of NITRO or are interested in using NITRO.
Thanks, and good luck!

Namhyun Sue Zang

SRI International

4440 Beltsville Road

Gaithersburg, MD 20881


+1 301 747 5484

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A very simple library to read and write NITF (National Imagery
Transmission Format) files.

The library is very minimalist and light-weight, with a user-friendly
and friendly interface. It is also very fast.

Once the library is installed the user only has to specify the
target directory where he/she wants to create the NITF files.
In the same directory, both application and NITRO.jar are created,
each one with its own META-INF directory containing the following

MANIFEST.MF: Contains the NITRO’s name, version and other metadata.
NITRO.NITF: Compressed NITF file.

In addition, the application creates a.classpath file and a README
From the classpath file, we can infer that the NITRO.jar library
uses Apache’s

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External links

NITRO source
NITRO Documentation
NITRO Documentation

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* Developed in C (Windows, Mac and Linux)
* Authorized by COSMIC Open Source Initiative
* Extensible library for reading NITF files
* Reading/writing in both GeoTIFF and TIFF formats
* Support for data in both compression (NITC) and non-compression (NITF) versions
* Tools to extract georeferenced images from NITF files, and Geotools library for reading and writing georeferenced images
* Compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows, and Linux x86 and x86_64, Windows and Mac APIs are converged in NITRO2
* NITRO2 is developed in C and will run in other cross-platform (e.g. Java, Python) runtimes, as well as in Unix/Solaris, Windows and Mac OS platforms
* Compatible with C++, C#, Python, Java, and other language runtimes with NITRO2 bindings
* UTF-8 encoded text support
* GeoTools libraries for reading/writing georeferenced image
* Configuration files store data separated by token, keyed by name
* Configurable file loading by class, directory, file path,… or token
* File system plugin for advanced file management
* XSLT/XSL-FO for mapping from NITRO to other formats
* JAI library (Java 1.4+) for reading and writing of JPEG
* GDAL library for reading and writing raster (TIFF, GeoTiff) files

NOTE: NITRO2 is planned to be released as part of OSGeo4W distribution. OSGeo4W will add NITRO2 in next version.

Supported filesystems:
* read files in ISO-8859-1 (de)
* read files in ISO-8859-2 (fr)
* read files in Unicode
* read files in UTF-8, Unicode
* write files in ISO-8859-1 (de)
* write files in ISO-8859-2 (fr)
* write files in Unicode
* write files in UTF-8, Unicode

Supported compression formats:
* create files compressed with Deflate
* create files compressed with Inflate
* read files compressed with Deflate
* read files compressed with Inflate
* create

What’s New in the?


The core functionality of the library consists of:

– Reading NITF files.
– Creating/editing NITF files.
– Writing/updating NITF files.
– Compressing an NITF file.
– Reverting an NITF file.

This description will be expanded and modified at a later time.

NITRO also offers a set of plugins. Once installed, the plugins will be available via the ‘LoadPlugin’ button on the main window.

Each plugin has its own specific features and limitations. Please check the plugin’s readme files for details.

The NITRO library allows to read, create, write and compress (independently of each other) both as NITF or GEXF files.

See the User Manual for more details.

NITRO Versions

NITRO offers two versions, called NITRO and NITRO-Bold.

The NITRO-Bold version allows to support the Chinese language, it also include a small font-size, a monospaced font and many other special characters.

The default fonts found on most systems in the NITRO-Bold version are the Courier, BaKoCalc and Douboutin fonts.

The NITRO version is usually used on Unix, Linux and Windows systems.

NITRO in other languages (via PyPi)

NITRO is not written in a single programming language. It offers cross-platform (also available on windows and MacOS for free), the application offers bindings to several languages (C, C++, Java, Python and Lua).

The bindings to C++ are the most powerful and offer a large amount of features. They are specially developed to deliver a solid foundation to the library, while also providing the best speed for non-standard scripts.

NITRO in other languages (via GitHub)

NITRO is not written in a single programming language. It offers cross-platform (also available on windows and MacOS for free), the application offers bindings to several languages (C, C++, Java, Python and Lua).

Each language also deliver its own bindings to the library, NITRO in C++ for example.

The bindings to Python are especially developed for

System Requirements For NITRO:

32-bit operating systems:
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP
macOS 10.8 or later
Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or later
Android devices with Android 4.0 or later
Intel i3, i5 or i7
4 GB of RAM
Hard disk space:
2 GB
NVIDIA GeForce GTX660/AMD HD 7870 or better
NVIDIA GeForce GTX680 or AMD HD 7950