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>> root
echo «yes» | make install
sudo make install
sudo make clean
cd /home/root/
nohup /bin/bash sg-install-js
Save in your pc ( On Desktop )
Open and type your root passw0rd and save

Steps to Activate License of P3DPMDGB737800900NGXv1208396P3Dv464bit
1) Download Zuma’s Revenge from the link in the description
2) Close the browser
3) Open the Zuma’s Revenge folder
4) Extract the files in the folder (Zuma’s and Zuma’s
5) Play the game
6) Don’t open the computer and play the game
7) When you take a cutscene, the game will be closed and you won’t be able to play the game for a period of time
8) It’s only in the beginning of the game
9) If you want to play the game in other city, restart the game and when the loading screen is showing, close the game
10) Select another city
11) Play the game
12) Repeat step 10 and 11 (this time close the game when the loading screen is showing)
13) Repeat step 10 and 11 and play the game


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