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A simple and lightweight Windows app that can be used to convert VCF format data into CSV format
Edit INI file for preferences and details
Edit VCF file for target CSV format
Download and convert files automatically
Simple set of instructions provided by developer
Optimized and portable for deployment on a flash drive
App review (full version):
#SmartApps #DigitalGoods #WindowsAppsThis invention relates to the field of flame retardant coatings and, in particular, to the use of melamine/phenol-formaldehyde resin in conjunction with a halogen-containing fire retardant resin to produce a flame-retardant coating for use in protecting objects from high temperature exposure.
With the continued emphasis on reducing the hazards associated with various fire-related products, there has been a renewed interest in finding better ways to protect people and property from fire and heat-related damage. One way of providing heat resistance is by coating the object to be protected.
The early efforts at flame retardancy involved the use of materials which melt or soften at high temperatures, thus releasing the gases which give rise to a flame. Some examples of these are molten metals, molten glass, molten plastics, charring materials, and some type of preformed foam. These materials are useful in some instances but their use is not without problems. For example, the high temperature released during melting can cause damage to the object being protected, if melting occurs in the normal course of the object’s intended use. In the case of foams, their use is limited to situations where they release their protective gas to aid the combustion process.
With the increased emphasis on providing fire-resistance in manufactured goods, an increasing number of materials are being used in the manufacture of these goods. One class of materials which has proven particularly useful is a class of materials known as flame-retardant resin systems. These materials are typically applied as films, coatings, and liners. A typical flame-retardant resin system is based on a brominated or chlorinated hydrocarbon or aromatic. While useful, such systems do have certain disadvantages. They can be flammable themselves, they can become contaminated by contaminants in the object being protected, and they can attack certain types of substrates, thus shortening their useful life.
It has been a recent discovery that melamine/formaldehyde resins can be used to prepare flame-retard 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO by Byurside was designed with a function similar to the one on the right.

KEYMACRO is a music library tool that lets you put your music in a list. The program also lets you share your music with others via the Internet and save your playlists to your hard drive.Biggest Woman in the World

Biggest Woman in the World (German: Der größte Frauenleib der Welt) is a 1932 German comedy film directed by Karl Hoffmann and starring Luise Ullrich, Hans Leibelt and Willy Fritsch.

The film’s sets were designed by the art director Max Heilbronner.

Luise Ullrich as Zonia
Hans Leibelt as Martin
Willy Fritsch as Dr. Kreidel
Elisabeth Pinajeff as Lilli
Paul Bildt as Gans
Kurt Gerron as Vater
Albert Paulig as Richter
Hans Richter as Kardinal
Ulla Jacobi as Fräulein Freda
Franz Schafheitlin as Lothar
Paul Hörbiger as General-Anwalt Gans
Ella Epple as Lilli bei der Taufe
Paul Heidemann as Direktor
Eduard von Winterstein as Diener
Otto Gebühr as Anwalt Dr. Brinkmann
Kurt Vespermann as Fabrikant
Ilse Werner as Frl. Brinkmann
Traute Huber-Schulz as Frl. Merzenich
Grete Messerschmidt as Kellnerin
Kurt Paryla as Kellner
Sig Arno as Singer
Marie-Louise Wagner as Singer
Clara Sitte as Singer
Else Wagener as Singer
Bridget von Massow as Singer
Margarete Schultze-Lubs as Dame
Angelo Ferrari as Kellner
Fritz Kampers as Kellner


Bock, Hans-Michael & Bergfelder, Tim. The Concise CineGraph. Encyclopedia of German Cinema. Berghahn Books, 2009.

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