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I think it’s the illegal URL in your third line of code, because the console output is wrong. I think it’s because of this line:
Bitmap bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(context.getResources(), resourceId);

In your case, resourceId is equal to R.drawable.ic_launcher, so you get a Bitmap that contains the icon of the Launcher and nothing else.

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The Time is Now – and the Liberty of Cuba

Anyone who has been paying attention to events unfolding in the world over the last few years knows that something very serious has been brewing. Right now there is a brewing war on the minds of the thinking world. The question is will the nations of the world stand down and allow one nation to choose its own path of development or will they try to stop the freedom’s of Cuba and force that country into a dictatorial path of development that will inevitably destroy their nation?

Cuba is a very interesting case study of what will happen if a government ever gets control over it’s own future development. As Cuba is led by the Communist Party (Communist Cuba) it has never had any freedom of expression or a free market economy and has been run as a Stalinist system to this day. Under Castro Cuba has been led into the 21st century by the same path that caused Stalin to fall from power in the Soviet Union. So how did they do it? Castro has controlled every aspect of the Cuban government and controlled every aspect of the Cuban people. With the blood of countless Cubans, Castro has created a model for the controlled development of nations.

For decades Castro has indoctrinated his people and used propaganda, political changes, and even the training of the military to control everything in Cuba. For his past and current actions Castro has been labeled as one of the worst dictators of all time and rightly so. He has brutally crushed the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom to choose your own future. He has lied and lied and lied and he has done everything that one can do to control and enslave the Cuban people. Over time they have lost all freedom and self determination and now they are slowly becoming the people that Castro wanted them to be. In Cuba