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� PING, DNS server uptime, network connectivity and overall server condition.
� GUI for the Debian-based Linux.
� PID-based auto-alerts for hardware and processes.
� Real-time data display for server/system uptime, current state of status process(es) and memory.
� Syslog messages to 1k+ email accounts and syslog server.
� Query the local /network DNS server, archive files or check the Internet for an IP address.
� Alerts to remote /networked systems when the connection to a server, DNS or other service is lost.
� Auto-alerts when the system time is changed.
� SSH services running on each server for remote login – no network connectivity needed.
� Grab the latest statistics – by number of users, processes, disks, storage usage, etc.
� Protects the running state of the Linux kernel from Linux SysRQ.
� Alerts over the Internet when a service is down, to remote or networked systems.
� Alerts when a particular process is available or not available.
� Count number of proccesses available, alive or not.
� Monitor the size of the blocks on storage devices (useful for RAID array monitoring).
� Network scanner to find other computers on the network (this functionality is free).
� Fuzzy matching of text strings for system scans.
� User lists for Linux / Unix platforms.
� Remote access for demo programs.
� Very easy to use configuration tool.
� Powerful and compact statistics engine.
� Powerful and very easy to use scanning engine.
� Works with very different types of operating systems.
� Extremely easy to use – has no graphics, no menus.
� Automatically starts and starts on Windows bootup.
� Email alerts or manual alerts when the condition is met.
� Sleep for network connectivity to reduce a system’s load.
� Small and compact, less than 1 MB.
� Top-notch website design – works with any browser.
� Simple admin console for the entire setup – no additional software to be installed on each server.
� Simply works with ssh.
� Simply works with SSH and rlogin.
� Just works with ssh.
� A hassle-free product.
� User-friendly and powerful reports.
� Saves uptime, current server status and various information about the server into log files.

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�■ Automatic start upon Windows bootup
�■ Warnings and error logs can be sent by e-mail either when a condition is met (server or process unavailable) or manually
�■ Based on a secure SSH connection, it can be used as a secure remote terminal for any server
�■ Tries to detect the server / workstation availability, however, no unnecessary setup is needed
�■ No need for server side installation
�■ Login by a unique product key, to keep the software safe and to be able to register new users
�■ The price of the product has been reduced to a number of countries, where the prices are as low as US$ 10.95
�■ Get the newest version as soon as available
�■ Easy to control, it has just a few hotkeys to activate
�■ User friendly, no manual and no menus
�■ No graphics or dependencies to any other software
�■ Single point of monitoring, all of the important information is already on the system tray
�■ You can monitor as many servers and/or workstations as you want
�■ The demo version is fully functional, however, it will run only for 30 minutes
�■ Easy to upgrade the software, so as you can buy the most up-to-date version with the same product key
�■ The size of the package is under one mb
�■ Works on the Windows 9x/Me/XP/NT/2K
�■ OpenSSL libraries are needed, however, they are already installed, if you have not already got it
�■ No need for extra software (like SSH server) on the servers
�■ The requirements for the server side is a working SSH service and a working Microsoft Windows
�■ Works almost with any server, it doesn’t matter if it is running any operating system
�■ Up-to-date, virus free and free of charge
�■ One-time payment, no monthly subscriptions
�■ The same product key is being used to register the new users and to update the software
�■ Everything is easy and secure, as it uses a secure encrypted connection
�■ The software is very compact, it can be unpacked in a

Penguin Monitor Crack+ Full Version Free Download

Network monitoring is not a «one size fits all» procedure. You need to configure it for your environment. To avoid wasting your time configuring and maintaining your own monitoring equipment, we offer an alternative: let us do the job for you.
Penguin Monitor is a universal monitoring tool which can be used for monitoring both LAN and Internet environments.
Penguin Monitor will run in Windows 9x/Me/XP/NT/2K environment. It will check automatically whether all your servers are available or not. If any of them is unavailable for some reason, it will notify you via e-mail.
Please download the demo version for evaluation purposes.
Penguin Monitor Demo Version Options:
* Configuration for monitoring servers on your LAN/Internet:
Upon logging in, you will see a list of servers on your system tray. Initially they will not be displayed, as they will need to be configured first.
But after you do them, you will see their status and you will be able to perform basic configuration tasks with them.
All required items can be selected under the Monitoring tab in the main menu:
* Configuration of monitoring process which will be started:
On the Monitoring tab in the main menu, you can select a process, which will be continuously checked.
You can either select it manually or specify an interval for checking it (e.g. 15 minutes).
* Type of an error which will be notified to you via email:
The notification can be triggered by user action (e.g. an error occured on your server) or manually (e.g. you receive an email now).
* Warning level:
When an error has occured, you will be notified about it by email.
Penguin Monitor comes with a periodical reminder, which can be set as a notification when a certain condition is met (e.g. a database server has restarted after 3 days uptime).
Please click the «? » button above.
Please take a look at the more detailed manual.
For the Internet environment, you will need a ssh server running on each server you want to monitor.
For more information, please check the site, where you can buy Penguin Monitor after trying the free demo:
Penguin Monitor Features:
�■ Runs in Windows 9x/Me/XP/NT/2K/2003 environment

What’s New In?

Welcome to Penguin Monitor, a network monitoring tool for Linux / Unix systems. It runs under Windows 9x/Me/XP/NT/2K. Feel free to monitor any server that you want! Penguin Monitor monitors the Linux / Unix workstation and file server status and does not require their execution of the monitoring program (Penguin Monitor is run on the admin’s computer, before the checked server process starts).
Using very little resources (less than 1MB of disk space) this product can be run on your Windows workstation or your Linux / Unix workstation. No installation or a server install is required. For quick installation you can use a simple PowerShell script (.ps1) which will download and extract Penguin Monitor and add a simple setup.
Penguin Monitor features:
�■ Monitoring of 1 to 8 Linux / Unix servers (or workstations) concurrently from a single Windows – based computer
�■ Uses secure SSH connection and authentication, ready for the Internet environment
�■ Checks for server availability, process availability, uptime, storage capacity and other information
�■ Automatic start upon Windows bootup
�■ Warnings and error logs can be sent by e-mail either when a condition is met (server or process unavailable) or manually
�■ Single point of monitoring and important information on your system tray
�■ Easy to configure and control, with a compact interface containing no graphics
�■ Buy once, download the newest version as soon as available and activate with the same product key (there is a free upgrade for a lifetime – just watch the website for new versions)
�■ All of the bug reports and user suggestions are taken into the consideration when a new version is going to be released, so as the product becomes more reliable and powerful
�■ The size of the whole installation package is less than 1 MB
�■ Requires just SSH service (port 22) running on each server – no server side installation needed
�■ Easy network monitoring. Penguin Monitor does not install any device driver (only a simple PowerShell script runs and downloads the needed components), so you can monitor any server that runs on the same network with it.
�■ Checks for file server availability, storage capacity, file update status, e-mail for server and process informations.
�■ You can configure Penguin Monitor to be a hidden process or to be displayed in

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit versions), or later
DVD-ROM drive
PC with a DirectX 9.0 or later compatible video card
Sound card
Broadband Internet connection
Please note that all online features require an active Internet connection.
Please also note that the downloadable file size may be an estimate and can change during the installation process.
The Minimum System Requirements for the Direct Download version are:
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (