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KEYMACRO is an inbuilt macro that can be used within most Internet software and applications. It allows the user to copy web addresses or other information from web pages, newsgroups or mailing lists.
KEYMACRO can also be used to perform regular searches, for example, all references to a person’s name, or all messages containing a particular keyword.
KEYMACRO can be used in Internet browsers, including Netscape, Internet Explorer and Opera. It can be used as a command within the program or from a document.
KEYMACRO comes with a well designed command line interface that allows for easy use and flexible modification.
Applications are accessed by keymacro-command. When a command is typed in, keymacro automatically completes the command.
It is very simple to use. There are only two commands which are
For example, the following command will insert «» as the recipient in a blank message.
keymacro-insert e-mail
keymacro-insert address
keymacro-add recipient
keymacro-add address
keymacro-add recipient
There are three commands that can be used with keymacro. They are as follows:
recipient – where to put the recipient’s address.
mailfrom – where to put the sender’s address.
email – where to put the e-mail address.
body – where to put the message body.
attachment – where to put the attachment.
body-attachment – where to put the attachment of the message body.
KEYMACRO The options menu
It’s very easy to use. There are only 4 options you can use with keymacro. They are as follows:

KEYMACRO The windows menubar
There are only 4 menubar items you can use with keymacro. They are as follows:

KEYMACRO The Options window
You can see 384a16bd22

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Your personal key, your car and your vehicle.
KeyMACRO is a monitoring and tracking device for the user.
KeyMACRO stores the key data in the SD card, the key is located in the SIM card.
No costs
No monthly fees
Access from any PC
Runs on an internal battery with no need for external power
The data is stored in the SD card, the SIM card is located in the body.
Running on a Li-Po battery, so the data is not lost in case of a power cut.
Data display
The dashboard is based on OLED 8×8 displays.
Up to 12 data can be stored.
Data type
Transponder ID: Driving license, vehicle registration number, KeyMACRO ID
Satellite ID: Digital map information, road sign information, etc.
Unit ID: The manufacture of the machine
Vehicle data
The vehicle model: Mobile phone, ignition system
Vehicle data: Weight, tire pressure, tire width, battery level, etc.
Unit ID: The part of the vehicle
Other data
Current time and date: Current time and date
OS version: Operating system version
File system type: File system type
Device ID: Unique ID of the device
Phone number: Phone number of the KeyMACRO device
PAN: Universal Access Code
Network ID: The network, or cellular phone, it is connected
Service ID: Network service provider
Carrier ID: Mobile operator
Carrier ID: The name of the mobile operator
Carrier Code: The network code
Location: Location
IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber Identifier
MSISDN: Mobile Subscriber ISDN number
Voice: Whether the device is in silence mode or not
Speed: Vehicle speed
Fuel: Current fuel level
Incoming: Whether the device is using traffic information
The key data is stored in the SIM card:
Serial number: The serial number of the car
Owner: User name (if configured)
Signature: Signature of the owner
Start date: Date and time of issue of the key.
Version: Version of the application
Known version: The version of the application.
Public key: The public key of the machine is stored in the SIM card.
Certificate: The certificate of the machine is stored in the SIM card.
Encryption algorithm: Encryption algorithm for the encryption of the key
Current Manufacturer: