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Prog-Studio Community is a powerful application that intends to help professionals develop programs for 8051 (MCS-51) micro controller chips. The program features a source level debugger and a chip emulator that allows you to create and to test the programs.
The program can handle complex projects and the hex editor includes useful functions that allows you to create the program required for your product.
Note:  The Community edition is designed for non commercial use. If you need more features you can view the other versions here.







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Description of the Project

Prog-Studio Community is an application for the 8051 processor for programmers who develop computer applications with this processor. Prog-Studio Community is the first application that has a debugger and a simulator.

Main Features

The main features of Prog-Studio Community include a Simulator and a GDB Debugger.

The Program Simulator feature enables you to simulate the hardware of the 8051 micro controller, so you can test your programs, you can load your program directly from the chip or send a PC program to the chip.

The GDB Debugger feature allows you to connect your PC to the micro controller and debug and change variables and memory locations.


We are not the authors of this software. We do not provide any support. If you have problems with this software we suggest you to contact the corresponding author of this software.

Prog-Studio Community Official Site

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This version of the community edition includes the following features:
A debugger (that can handle all 8051 microcontroller options)
A hex editor
A PreProcessor
A License manager
Hardware tools
A design tool
A file manager
A file compressor
One of the best functions of this program is the License manager. The License manager allows you to manage the licenses of all the files in the folder. The License manager also allows you to create a valid key file to be downloaded to all computers in your network. The file manager is a very important feature because it is capable of handling all the files in the project folder and you can work on different projects at the same time. The File manager allows you to compress files, extract files from archives and split files. A useful feature of the program is the PreProcessor, it allows you to write basic functions and instructions that allows you to create functions that can run in any hardware you are using. The design tool is a very powerful one. It allows you to create a file of the microcontroller in use and it allows you to send the file to the emulator. You can insert registers and variables and edit the code without having to recompile the program. The emulator runs the program and displays the results in real time. It allows you to test your program and your hardware options. The emulator can be configured to run the debug program if you do not have the debugger installed.
You can also download the full version of the program for free. It includes the previous features and allows you to work on multiple projects.

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Prog-Studio is an easy to use source level debugger and emulator for MCS-51.  It was developed for learning and teaching purposes.
It is a powerful tool that uses the chip emulator and the debug features of the original MCS-51 (NEC V20).

In addition to the basic features, Prog-Studio includes the ability to save all the configuration of a single project to be used on other projects.
It also includes a project wizard that allows you to design a project based on several template files (byte, assemble, disassemble).

The project wizard allows you to add your own instructions, and makes sure the project is valid and the debugger can run it properly.
You can create the files of your project on the fly using the template files or by creating your own project files.
Prog-Studio also includes a powerful hex editor with useful functions like copy/paste, searching, compare, colors… 
Prog-Studio has been developed to teach the basics of the MCS-51 chip, so it is possible to create software, hardware and firmware projects.
It is also possible to use the program to create simple experiments, and even to create new projects from scratch.
Note: Prog-Studio does not only work on MCS-51 but it can also be used for any 8051 micro-controller, including the 8250, 8851, 8851A, MCS-51 and MCS-51A.
For more information about the hardware supported, check this link: 
You can download Prog-Studio and contribute to the project in these ways:

You can contribute by asking for help, reporting bugs, suggesting improvements and answering other questions.

You can also contribute by sending patches (source code) that will be checked and integrated into the main trunk of the program.

You can send patches through GitHub (

When you create a branch with your changes, use the name: myPatch-branch

There are several options for sending your changes:

If you are using the github feature you can send the changes directly from github.

If you

What’s New In?

Prog-Studio Community is an application that includes a simple chip simulator (ICE) that allow you to execute and to debug the programs being developed.  The simulator also includes a complete debugger to handle complex projects.  The IC Editor includes functions that make the creation of the program for your product easier.  The application includes a hex editor that allows you to create the program you need with just one click.  The simulation, debugger, and the IC editor are all included in the Community edition of the application.  These features are designed for the non commercial use.  If you need more features, there is a full version of the application available. 

Prog-Studio Community Features:   

ICE emulator to test and execute your program.

IC Editor to create your programs by hand.

Debugger and hex editor to perform the debugging process.

Chip simulator to perform the debugging process.

Target: 8051

Date Added:  5/12/2010

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Size:  9.4 MB


Alternate Link: 


Prefer to Download from:  Windows Software (FS)

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AceFS is an file system software with a file browser.  AceFS 1.03c includes a text editor, the file browser, the FTP file manager, the Zip archive manager, an email manager, a remote access and sharing tool, the system monitor, a gallery viewer, a URL encoder/

System Requirements For Prog-Studio Community:

The low-end – A Minimum of 1024 MB RAM and 1.8 GHz Processor and at least 400 MB available disk space The average – 1280 MB RAM and 2.5 GHz Processor and at least 300 MB available disk space The high-end – 1536 MB RAM and 3.2 GHz Processor and at least 750 MB available disk space
Author’s Note: There will be a future patch for any known issues, bugs or missing features. The main focus will be on the Galactic Civilizations 2 port itself and the single-player campaign. Once this is done, I