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RightDelete (Desktop/Application) is an easy-to-use, powerful and safe solution for permanently deleting files and folders from your computer. RightDelete automatically detects and deletes all traces of files and folders even if they are not empty. It’s safe and reliable, and supported by most of the security software.

Easily delete files from your PC:
– Safely and permanently delete files and folders with single clicks
– No special programs, additional user interaction, or any other hard disk scan required
– Automatically delete files:
– If the files are empty, deleted files will be automatically removed;
– If the files are not empty, delete a specified number of files;
– If there is no configuration, you can quickly remove all files on your hard disk;
– If you select a folder containing files and folders, all the files and folders within the selected folder will be deleted.
* You can also remove a folder without files, by selecting «Only folders» from the configuration window.
– One-pass system scans:
– 7-pass deletes all the empty files and folders;
– 5-pass deletes the files which have been opened by the user;
– 3-pass deletes the files which have been recently accessed;
– 2-pass deletes the programs, temporary files, and recent files;
– 1-pass deletes all the system files.
– One-pass system scans means that you need only to press «Delete files and folders» once, the application will scan and remove all the files and folders which are empty, have been opened by the user, have been recently accessed, and all the programs, temporary files, and recent files.
– If you have not enabled the 1-pass system scans, you can choose to permanently remove the files and folders on the hard disk in the configuration window.
– It is easy to access the user interface of the tool.
* Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
– Supports USB flash drive.
– Supports any computer with Windows operating system.
* User can download and install it on any computer without worry.

How To Delete Files and Folders

Software Features

Delete selected files and folders by click and drag

A quick way to permanently delete files and folders

Clear the recently opened files and folders

Clear the recently opened files and folders for specified days 00b4fdf01c

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Jamstix 2 brings you the first realtime drummer simulation to date, coupled with a new audio engine.
The simulation is 100% realtime, no MIDI tracking, all drums down to the tiniest details are created within the software with no prerecorded audio samples. It also features a design that empowers the player with the most accurate drum simulation available today, providing a much deeper understanding of drumming styles and dynamics.
Two drum kits are included, each with 9 different drum skins, allowing you to custom build your own kit. Drum skins can be changed in realtime as the style and dynamics of your drummer is changing.
Jamstix is highly configurable, which enables a whole new spectrum of creative possibilities.
The default preset kit is provided as a starting point, so that you don’t have to start from scratch. But the preset kit is more than just a starting point, it provides the basics of the human drummer and is designed to be easy to modify and expand.
Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, whether you are in need of a jamming partner or a drum arrangement tool, a student wanting to learn more about drumming style or a songwriter needing to create a complex and unique drum track quickly, whether you have no drum module at all or have every high-end drum library on the market and wish to get the most realistic grooves out of them, Jamstix 2 is the answer to all of it.
Jamstix in a Nutshell:
– Polyphonic Drum Kit, with 9 unique drum kits, which can be completely custom built to your drummer.
– Polyphonic Drum Groove Engine, with all the features and qualities of a polyphonic synth (sustain, velocity, modulation, etc).
– Style Engine, that allows for endless creativity with realtime style, dynamics and beat-matching.
– Clip Engine, that allows for endless possibilities with live effects and automation.
– Full Arpeggiator with automatic and manual sequences.
– Cue Points, to help you build more complex grooves and arrangements.
– Cue Points, to help you build more complex grooves and arrangements.
– Changeable Vibrato with 4 velocity curves and 5 different vibrato types.
– Realtime Comping, that lets you control the live drums.
– Realtime Chord Selection, which helps you build even more complex grooves and arrangements.
– Jamming, that lets you record your


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